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Los Angeles Beaches




Malibu, the focal point of SoCal beach culture, is a fantastic place to take your surf lesson if you are looking to improve your surf skills. The coast of Malibu is made of several points that create numerous fun surf spots. Because of the rocky coast and a dense population of advanced surfers, these surf spots are perfect for surfers who are looking to enhance their surf skills. But with Malibu being so big, it also offers playful beach breaks for beginners looking to catch their first waves. Malibu is a very popular place to visit, enjoy the amazing coastal views and the home to many celebrities.


Things To Do/Places To Go:

  •  California State Parks- take a hike, or a horseback ride through the Malibu Mountains
  •  Pepperdine University
  •  Getty Museum
  •  World Surfing Reserve
  •  Art Festival/Film Festival



Want to hang out with the celebrities? One of the most popular beaches in Los Angeles, Santa Monica is the perfect place to learn to surf and get a real taste for the LA lifestyle. This large stretch of beach offers beginner to advanced level waves and a great place to hang out in the sun and enjoy your day. Because it is completely surrounded by the city of Los Angeles, and located close to Hollywood, it is very common to sun bathe alongside celebrities. The Santa Monica Pier, one of the most famous piers in California, is the only one with a roller coaster and a ferris wheel. This beach is a great tourist attraction and is located between Venice Beach and Malibu. There is plenty of parking available, in paid parking lots and at the meters on the streets. Take your surf lesson here, and then spend the rest of the day shopping at 3rd Street Promenade, or riding your bike along the strand in the sun.


Things To Do/ Places To Go:

  • 3rd Street Promenade- Popular shopping and restaurants
  • Perry’s Cafe- A restaurant located on the strand, where you can rent bikes, surfboards, etc.
  • The Pier- Shops, restaurants, and carnival rides, and performers. Beautiful view of Malibu to the north, and the entire south bay.
  • Chess Park- Located just south of a pier, you can play a game of chess at a park with the professionals
  • Cruise along the strand to get a view of all the beaches in the South Bay



Take your surf lesson in Venice Beach, home to many artists, writers, performers, and musicians, and one of the most vibrant and eclectic areas of Southern California. This town is named and modeled after Venice, Italy. This stretch of beach offers waves for all levels, beginners to advanced surfers. This beach town is one of the more touristy and famous areas of Southern California, popular for its Ocean Front Walk and Muscle Beach. Cruise the strand in this area and see the many performers, fortune-tellers, vendors, artists, and many more. This area is especially entertaining during the Summer months and on the weekends. So book your surf lesson here if you would like to learn to surf and get a piece of the lifestyle and culture of SoCal. Paid Parking lot and limited free street parking is available.


Things To Do/Places To Go:

  • The Pier- Restaurants and shops located right next to the pier
  • Rentals located near the pier ({bikes, rollerblades, surfboards, etc.)
  • Ocean Front Walk- Artists, performers, musicians, food stands, vendors, etc.
  • Muscle Beach- Birth place of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and popular body building contests
  • Skatepark on the strand
  • Canals modeled like in Venice, Italy.

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A hotspot for both surfing and beach volleyball, Manhattan Beach is an excellent place to take your surf lesson! Multiple surf breaks are located along the beach, with a variety of types of waves that offer fun rides to all levels of surfers. With different breaks, there is a wave to be ridden for every skill level and is the perfect place to push your progression in surfing! The Manhattan Beach pier will lead you to local restaurants and shopping of all different styles. The Roundhouse Marine Studies Lab, an Aquarium and a Cafe are located at the end of the pier, so go get a bite to eat and learn about the local aquatic marine life! While sun bathing, you will notice several volleyball nets where some of the olympic players come to practice. Metered parking is offered in four different parking lots located right next to the pier, as well as on the streets.


Things To Do/Places To Go Nearby:

  •  The Pier- Restaurants and shopping. The roundhouse Marine Studies Lab and Aquarium, located at the end of the pier, is free to the public. It includes a shark tank, tide pool touch tank with animals common to Southern California, tanks with lobsters, and baby sharks as well as brightly colored, non-native fish and invertebrates.
  •  Play Volleyball on the many nets set up next to the pier.
  •  The Strand- Ride your bike, rollerblades, or skateboard along the strand.
  •  Yoga/Workout classes- Participate in the free yoga and work out classes that take place on the beach right next to the pier.

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Hermosa Beach is a great place to surf for beginners to advanced surfers. Take your surf lesson right next to the pier in the most hip and happening town in the South Bay. In the
summer time, your might be surfing right in front of a concert, beach volleyball tournament or other exciting event taking place on the beach. The pier provides you with many places to enjoy food and drinks, surf shops, and exciting events, such as an artificial snow park! Metered parking is offered, both in a large parking lot and on the streets. This is a great place to take your surf lesson and spend your day!


Things To Do/ Places To Go Nearby:

  •  The Pier- Restaurant/bars, Surf Shops, Rentals, events, and popular night life
  •  Comedy Magic Club- located near the pier, features Jay Leno every Sunday night
  •  Surfer’s Walk of Fame- mimics Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame, with stars and surfers’ names, located on the pier


Check the current wave and weather conditions in Hermosa Beach on a live camera!



This smaller stretch of beach is located between Palos Verdes and Redondo Beach. The playful waves offer rides for all levels, ranging from beginning to advanced surfers. Take your surf lesson here to experience the laidback, SoCal surfing lifestlye. This is a spacious beach with plenty of white, soft sand, along with volleyball nets, so bring the family down for a relaxing and fun beach day! This beach is very alive, as it is very common to see dolphins and sea lions folicking in the waves, as well as fish, whales, and many more! Torrance Beach is not very crowded and presents a beautiful view of Palos Verdes. Enjoy a burger and a slushpuppie at Surf Side Grill, a family owned restaurant located right on the strand. Want go to for a beach cruise on a bike or roller blades? The strand begins in front of Surf Side Grill and goes all the way to Santa Monica. A large paid parking lot up above allows for easy access down to the beach with multiple ramps. There is free street parking too!


Things To Do/ Places To Go Nearby:

  • Surf Side Grill- Restaurant on the strand
  •  Miramar Park- Great spot for picnicking and dog walking. Located above the beach, just north of the parking lot.
  •  Ride the strand from Torrance Beach to Santa Monica, and check out the sights along the way.
  •  Redondo Beach Pier and Harbor- Great restaurants, fishing, and shops nearby.
  •  Riviera Village- Restaurants/bars and shopping.
  •  Palos Verdes- Luxury neighborhoods with beautiful views above cliffs

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Orange County Beaches



Surf Lessons in Huntington Beach


Take your surf lesson in California’s “Surf City!” The little beach town provides consistent waves all year round for all skill levels of surfers. Huntington has a huge stretch of beach
that is very popular due to the parks along it, the long bike path, and a well-known downtown shopping area. It is home to many professional surfers and hosts surf contests including the world famous US Open of Surfing every summer. This world famous beach is the perfect place to learn and improve your surf skills.

Things to do/places to go:

  • Huntington Beach Pier: Ruby’s located at the end of the pier, and shops, bars, and restaurants all around that create for outgoing nightlife

  • Surfer Walk of Fame: check out the sidewalk filled with stars with professional and legendary surfers’ names.

  • International Surfing Museum

  • Central Park



Surf Lessons in Newport Beach


Newport is another excellent place to take your surf lesson providing consistent waves for all level of surfers. This area tends to be a little less crowded than Huntington, while still being a popular and fun beach to spend your day. This beach break is also known for consistent south swells during the summertime, providing warm water and playful waves all summer long. Newport beach is also a great place to cruise around the harbor on a dingy boat or a SUP and enjoy a nice dinner with a view on the water.

Things to do/places to go:

  • Newport Beach Pier- draws fishermen and sight seers

  • Boardwalk: perfect for taking a bike ride, rollerblading, or going for a jog

  • Balboa Fun Zone: Take the ferry over for a day of fun

  • Fashion Island

  • The Wedge: famous body surfing beach


Surf Lessons in Laguna Beach


Featuring over seven miles of some of the most picturesque coastline, the seaside town of Laguna Beach boasts some of the most legendary surf spots in Orange County, California. Waves are consistent throughout the year, providing plenty of surfing opportunities for surfers of all skill levels. Multiple coves located all along the coast are popular for skimboarding, checking out the tide pools, as well as surfing. Accommodations near the beach make Laguna Beach is a terrific destination for your next surfing vacation.

Things to do/places to go:

  • Laguna Art Museum: California’s oldest museum

  • Explore the tide pools

  • Wine Tasting in the Canyon

  • Treasure Island Park

  • Sculpture Garden

  • Scuba dive in Diver’s Cove

  • Marine Mammal Center



Surf Lessons in Dana Point



Come learn to surf at the famous surf spot, Doheny State Beach, located in heart of the old-school beach town, Dana Point. This classic surf spot is known for its easy, playful, fun waves. The rock bottom causes the waves to break perfectly in the same spot, allowing for easy learning. These waves give you plenty of time to get to your feet and enjoy the nice long ride. No matter how big the waves are here, they can be ridden by surfers at the beginner level. Come catch a wave at the famous Doheny State Beach!

Things to do/places to go:

  • Whale watching

  • The Pilgrim- board a ship and experience what sailors experienced when the ship used to sail

  • Pines Park

  • Monarch Beach Golf Links

  • Dana Point Harbor


Surf Lessons in San Clemente


This surf town is known for its consistent surf spots where there is always a fun wave to be found. Both sandy and rocky reef breaks can be found along the coast catering to every skill-level surfer. Take your surf lesson in San Clemente and learn why some of the more famous surfers call these breaks home. Be inspired by the other surfers in the water- this is a great place to get a real view into the world of surfing. The water in San Clemente is always super clear and warm, making this a great place for anyone to score some fun waves!

Things to do/places to go:

  • San Clemente Pier

  • Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Gardens

  • Municipal Golf Course

  • San Clemente Wine Company

  • San Onofre State Beach- a classic California surf spot

San Diego Beaches


Surf Lessons in Oceanside


Located at the most northern part of San Diego county, a little beach town filled with surf culture known to most as ‘O-side’ is tucked right off the 5 freeway. Oceanside boasts over 3.5 miles of white sand beaches and lots of sandbars, which make the surf here enjoyable from most any spot. With a variety of different type of breaks, Oceanside will provide any surfer some fun waves to ride. These beaches are perfect for taking your surf lesson! Don’t forget to check out the California Surf Museum located in the heart of downtown Oceanside.

Things to do/places to go:

  • Oceanside Pier

  • Mission San Luis Ray

  • California Surf Museum

  • Ocean Museum of Art

  • Bonfires on the beach



Surf Lessons in Carlsbad



The scenic coast of Carlsbad offers easy, playful waves to be ridden by anyone! There are many different surf breaks spread all along the coastline that rarely get crowded. Carlsbad is known for the clear water and mellow waves. It has produced many professional surfers and can turn you into one too! From learning how to catch a wave, to progressing your surfing to the next level, Carlsbad offers all types of waves. Take your surf lesson in this town and enjoy the fun waves and beautiful scenery that Carlsbad has to offer.


Things to do/places to go:

  • Take the Coaster downtown

  • Carlsbad Village- shopping and restaurants

  • Leo Carillo Ranch Historic Park

  • Aviara Golf Club

  • Batiquitos Lagoon

  • Carlsbad Premium Outlets

  • Legoland

  • Skatepark

  • Sea Life Aquarium



Surf Lessons in Encinitas


The beaches in Encinitas are coveted by locals as hidden gems, where the terrain ranges from white sand beaches to rocky bluffs, and legendary surf spots line the coast. These beautiful beaches offer waves for surfers from the beginner to advanced levels. Encinitas is home to much of the surf industry, including surf brands and surf shops. Whether you are trying to surf for the first time, or are just trying to get some pointers on the skills you already have, Encinitas is an awesome place to learn.


Things to do/places to go:

  • Self Realization Fellowships Hermitage & Meditation Gardens

  • San Diego Botanic Garden

  • Encinitas Ranch Golf Course

  • San Dieguito Heritage Museum

  • Downtown Encinitas



Surf Lessons in La Jolla


In La Jolla, as known as ‘San Diego’s Jewel By The Sea’, surfing is the local favorite way to enjoy the beauty of the beach and ocean. Its diverse reefs and beaches offer a wide range of surfing conditions relatively close in location to each other. La Jolla has some of the more beautiful beach scenes in San Diego, and attracts visitors from all over the world. The multiple different type of surf breaks around the area range from beginner to advanced skill levels. Also go get to know the wildlife in the area by exploring the tide pools and caves all along La Jolla shores. Get an intimate look at the sealife at the Birch Aquarium at Scripps located up on the bluffs with 60+ tanks of colorful marine life. Birch Aquarium also offers a an interactive museum showcasing research discoveries on climate, earth and ocean science so that we can get to know our Mother Nature better. Sign up for your surf lesson in La Jolla, and we will lead you to the best specific break for you.


 Things to do/places to go:

  • La Jolla Cove- go for a dive and check out the marine life

  • Torrey Pines- Great nature hikes

  • University of California, San Diego

  • Torrey Pines Golf Course

  • Birch Aquarium

  • Museum of Contemporary Art