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Helina B. of Wavehuggers, top surfing school in Southern California

Wavehuggers is THE top surfing school in Southern California, offering students the ultimate 'ocean conscious' surfing experience! Our instructors are all experienced professionals, and some of the best you will find. Each surf lesson is a 2 hour-long adventure. All necessary equipment is provided (surfboard and wetsuit). We pride ourselves on giving people the full experience of surfing; we cover safety, etiquette, technique, tides, ocean conditions and more! We work with beginners, intermediate, advanced, and expert surfers.

We pride ourselves on consistently exceeding our customers' expectations. According to these happy students, we're accomplishing that goal, which is why many of our customers consider us the top surfing school in Southern California! We want everyone to be able to surf, and offer competitive pricing and special discounts to accommodate any budget.

Part of Wavehuggers' mission is to inform people about the many threats to the ocean while teaching people how to surf with proper etiquette.

So sign up for your own private surf lesson today and let's go catch some waves! Still not convinced? Read some of the feedback we've received about the experience from former students.

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I loved my lesson with Connor. He was kind, patient and made me feel so comfortable in the ocean! Wavehuggers, you guys rock!! Thanks again - what a memory!

Monica S.   

I was just visiting So Cal with my daughter and we purchased a lesson from WaveHuggers. The lesson was a private two hour lesson at Manhattan beach. First I should point out that their web site was very informative and accurate. When I called someone answered right away. The lesson was easy to schedule and pay for. Confirmation was emailed promptly. Nothing else is required. Wet suit and surf board are provided. Very, Very easy. The instructor was very professional and knowledgeable. She put me at ease right away and I had full confidence that my 12 year old daughter was in excellent hands. For parents with kids, do not pass this up! The only other point I would like to make is that we should have made arrangements to rent a surf board so that my daughter could follow up with the lesson. The rentals are cheap. By the way in the scope of things to do in the L.A. area with your kids, the lesson is cheap, by comparison I spent $350.00 at the Dodger game the night before.
Good Luck and peace.

Robert C.   

It's January and the conditions were windy choppy and big on the outside. Dale kept me in the close to shore area where I was able to still get on some white wash, stand up and have some fun! He kept a close eye on the changing conditions and made the right decisions at the right times! I couldn't have done it without him!

Author * Lorelei   
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