Ocean Conscious Surf School

What do we mean when we say Wavehuggers is an “ocean conscious” surf school?

Wavehuggers was formed out of a passion for both surfing and the ocean. We are on a mission to not only teach people how to surf, but to also help educate our students on what it means to be ocean conscious. It is our goal to make a positive impact on the environment and to motivate others to join us in doing so.

Be Ocean Conscious and take care of our oceans

The ocean is a vital resource that provides food, water, commerce, recreation, medicine, and even the air we breathe. Today, our ocean faces unprecedented threats from pollution, trash, declining fisheries, and multiple impacts from climate change, all products of OUR impact on the environment.

Wavehuggers will share our knowledge about the waves, tides, swells, and all other factors involved in surfing. Proper surf etiquette is also taught to give a better understanding of how to behave in the water while sharing waves with others. After learning to surf with Wavehuggers, you will leave your lesson with a positive and unique surfing experience, a growing love for the ocean that we all need to care for, and a knowledge about what it means to be ocean conscious.

The Wavehuggers team both believes in and takes action towards preserving the ocean and environment. By donating to fundraisers and participating in beach clean-ups, we strive to help make a difference and cause others join us.

Check out some informative articles & Wavehuggers’ “ocean conscious” initiatives:

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