Surf Lesson FAQ

Surf Lesson FAQ for Private and Group Surf Lessons

Why Wavehuggers?

While there are numerous options for learning how to surf in Southern California, Wavehuggers is the only surf school that provides a “we come to you” service and will take you surfing wherever you want in the region! Additionally, Wavehuggers will teach you ocean and wave knowledge, as well as surf etiquette. We also give back to the environment by participating in beach clean ups and donating to organizations that share our passion and values.

Do you provide equipment?

We provide surfboards and wetsuits. We use 8 ft and 9 ft foamboards, which are safe and stable for beginners. We provide full wetsuits to be worn during the lessons, which are not necessary during the warm summer months. The instructors will always come prepared with the right type of equipment for the lesson, but you can use any personal surf equipment you may have, if you want.

What should I bring to the lesson?

All you need to bring is a cell phone (for contacting the instructor), bathing suit, towel, and sunscreen. Water is recommended to stay hydrated throughout the lesson. If you have your own surfboard or wetsuit that you would like to use, you can.

How early should I arrive?

The lesson is a 2-hour window so that everything can take place and there is more than enough time for you to surf; arriving early isn’t always necessary. You can expect to meet your surf instructor in the parking lot right on time when the lesson begins, and finish the lesson saying goodbye to the instructor at the end of the two hours. However, parking at the beach on the weekends and during summer can be difficult, so arriving at least 15 minutes early on busy days is recommended.

What days and times do you offer lessons?

We offer lessons 7 days a week and during all hours of sunlight (based on our availability).

When is the best time to surf?

Usually the mornings are best to surf because of the crowd and wind. The wind usually comes up in the afternoon and makes the conditions bumpier. However, it is best to learn to surf on a lower tide for most breaks, which might be in the afternoon. You can surf at any time of day in Southern California and still have a great time. But, we can look at the surf report and help you pick the most optimal time to surf if you are flexible.

What ages do you teach?

We teach kids and adults of all ages to surf! We have taught kids as young as 3 years old, and adults as old as 80! For young children, it is up to the parents to decide if they are ready. All instructors have been trained to teach young kids; they stay very close to shore and hold on to the board at all times so if the child falls off, the instructor is right there to help him/her back onto the surfboard. The instructor caters the surf lesson to the comfort and skill level of the client.

Do you have to know how to swim to take a surf lesson?

Being able to swim is preferable, but is not required. The instructor will cater the surf lesson to the skill and comfort level of the client. If you don’t know how to swim, the instructor will be sure to hold onto you and the surfboard the entire time, and never take you out further than where you would be able to stand.

What should I do if I wear contacts or glasses?

Disposable contacts are recommended to be worn in the ocean. Glasses will not stay on during the lesson.

Can I request a male/female instructor?

We have both male and female instructors and you can request which one you prefer, but this is based on availability. Please know that all instructors are trained the same and are equally great for all ages and genders!

What if after I take the lesson, I want to book more lessons?

We offer discounts when you purchase multiple lessons, starting at three lessons. If you only purchase one lesson, but then decide you want to surf with us again, we can upgrade you to one of our package deals so you will still receive the discount.

Do you rent out surfboards and wetsuits?

At this time, we don’t rent equipment outside of lessons.

Does everyone get up their first time?

Everyone is different. During your first surf lesson, you will learn the skills needed to stand up on the surfboard. Some people get up fairly quickly, others get very, very close to standing up, but need to try out another lesson before making it to their feet. Everyone’s bodies and levels of strength are different. It also depends on the waves – the ocean is always changing; sometimes the waves will make it either easier or more difficult to stand up. While getting to your feet is a major goal, that is not what learning to surf is all about!! You will learn a lot about the sport of surfing, the waves and the ocean, and will walk away having had an awesome and adventurous experience!

What if my lesson is scheduled during rainy weather?

Because Wavehuggers gives you the opportunity to learn to surf all year round, there is a chance it could rain during your lesson. The rain often brings the best conditions: offshore wind, glassy water, and less crowd! We still hold our lessons during the rain- you’re getting wet anyway!

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