Expert Surf Instructors at Wavehuggers

Meet Wavehuggers’ Expert Surf Instructors for your Private or Group Surf Lesson

All of the expert surf instructors share a passion for the ocean and the surfing lifestyle. With years of surfing experience, as well as teaching experience, each instructor is CPR certified and trained to deliver the ultimate surf experience to students of all ages and skill levels. Get to know our instructors below:

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Ever since I was little, I had an obsession for the beach. I would spend hours sun bathing with my toes in the sand, lying in the shallow water while allowing the tide to roll me back and forth…more


I grew up spending my summers playing in the ocean with my family. My dad taught me to surf at the age of 8 and I fell deeply in love with everything about it…more


Hi! I am Max and have been surfing for 17 years. I have much experience in coaching and instructing through recreation and am stoked to be able to apply it to my favorite sport…more


My name is Heather and I grew up surfing the beach breaks of Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach, CA. I have been surfing since the age of seven, teaching lessons since the age of seventeen…more


My name is Kaylee and I have been surfing since I was 9-years-old, learning from my dad and the Beach Boys on Waikiki. Ever since that moment, I fell in love with surfing…more


I learned how to surf in Hawaii when I was 8 years old. From the moment I caught my first wave I fell in love with surfing and I was actually lucky enough to have my first wave…more


I started surfing when I was twelve. My uncle was my influence. I got my first board from my neighbor down the street. It was brown, ugly, disgusting and a little too short for me…more


I grew up going to the beach with my family in my hometown of Santa Cruz, California. I have always been an ocean enthusiast, and as a little kid I really enjoyed going to the beach…more


I grew up in Santa Cruz, California and started surfing when I was 9 years old. My dad took me out and pushed me into a few and I was hooked. Growing up I surfed…more

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