Los Angeles

Surf the most Famous Beaches in the South Bay

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photo-parker-amstutz-unsplash Malibu, the focal point of SoCal beach culture, is a fantastic place to take your surf lesson if you are looking to improve your surf skills. The coast of Malibu is made of several points that create numerous fun surf spots. Because of the rocky coast and a dense population of advanced surfers, these surf spots are best for experienced surfers who are looking to improve their skills.

One of the most popular beaches in Los Angeles, Santa Monica is the perfect place to learn to surf and get a real taste for the LA lifestyle. This large stretch of beach offers beginner to advanced level waves and a great place to hang out in the sun and enjoy your day. Because it is completely surrounded by the city of Los Angeles, and located close to Hollywood, you just might find yourself hanging ten next to a celebrity!

photo-marion-michele-via-unsplash Take your surf lesson in Venice Beach, home to many artists, writers, performers, and musicians, and one of the most vibrant and eclectic areas of Southern California. This town is named and modeled after Venice, Italy. This stretch of beach offers waves for all levels, beginners to advanced surfers. Expect to encounter plenty of tourists, as this is one of the most well known beaches in Southern California.

Iswanto-Arif-unsplash El Porto, the North most stretch of sand on Manhattan Beach, is a local favorite of surfers and dolphins alike! In our opinion, it's also the best beach in Los Angeles for surf lessons. An underwater canyon just past the break produces hearty waves at times when other areas are too small to ride. Since the waves here break farther off shore, surfers are also treated to a longer rides than they'll find at most other LA beaches. Throw in a gentle sandy bottom and easy parking, and El Porto is sure to capture your heart!

A hotspot for both surfing and beach volleyball, the Manhattan Beach pier offers a fun, festive setting for your next lesson! Multiple surf breaks are located along the beach, with a variety of types of waves that offer fun rides for all! No matter your skill level, there's a wave to be ridden for everyone!

photo-marion-michele-unsplash Hermosa Beach is a great place to surf for beginners to advanced surfers. Take your surf lesson right next to the pier in the most happening town in the South Bay. In the summer time, your might be surfing right in front of a concert, or other exciting event taking place on the beach. The pier provides you with many places to enjoy food and drinks, surf shops, and exciting events, such as an artificial snow park!

photo-ryan-magsino-unsplash Redondo County Beach is a 1.5 mile long sandy beach that makes up the waterfront of Redondo Beach, CA. The beach tends to stay pretty busy, remaining popular with tourists and locals alike. Plaques near the pier stake its claim as the birthplace of surfing in California. The primary attractions include Municipal Pier and the sandy beach.

photo-marion-michele-unsplash This smaller stretch of beach is located between Palos Verdes and Redondo Beach. The playful waves offer rides for all levels, ranging from beginning to advanced surfers. Take your surf lesson here to experience the laid-back, SoCal surfing lifestyle. This is a spacious beach with plenty of white, soft sand, along with volleyball nets, so bring the family down for a relaxing and fun afternoon at the beach!