Manhattan Beach Surf Lessons

Manhattan Beach Surf Lessons - Legendary Surf Spots with LA's Best Breaks

A hotspot for both surfing and beach volleyball, Manhattan Beach surf lessons are an excellent way to begin your surfing education. Multiple surf breaks are located along the beach, with a variety of types of waves that offer fun rides to all levels of surfers. The area is a great place to learn the ins and outs surfing - not just the fundamentals, but also to experience the culture, history, and etiquette of surfing. More experienced surfers can enjoy sizable waves well into the winter months. Manhattan Beach surf lessons with Wavehuggers has a lot to offer surfing students of all ages and skill levels.

The Manhattan Beach pier will lead you to local restaurants and shopping of all different styles. The Roundhouse Marine Studies Lab, an Aquarium and a Cafe are located at the end of the pier, so go get a bite to eat and learn about the local aquatic marine life! While sun bathing, you will notice several volleyball nets where some of the olympic players come to practice. Metered parking is offered in four different parking lots located right next to the pier, as well as on the streets.

Things To Do/Places To Go:

  • Manhattan Beach PierPerhaps one of the more picturesque piers in the South Bay Area, this pier played a significant role in the history of surfing.
  • The Roundhouse AquariumLocated at the end of Manhattan Beach Pier, The Roundhouse Aquarium is dedicated to teaching students & visitors about the oceans, marine life, and environment.
  • The StrandTechnically a street, The Strand is a wonderful pedestrian/bicycle path that goes right along the beach through town.
  • Sand Dune ParkA favorite destination for kids of all ages, this park acquired its name from the 100-foot high sand dune located there. The trail winds through plant life and provides an interesting and educational nature walk.
  • Manhattan Beach Botanical GardenThis public garden has showcased drought tolerant plants since 1992. Peruse the grounds and you'll find a trickling waterfall, a small amphitheater and wildflower beds that support birds and butterflies.
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