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Surf Orange County's most Scenic Beaches

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andrew-sprague-unsplash Seal Beach is a favorite of Long Beach locals looking for an easily accessible surf spot in their own back yard. It's safe, sandy shores and easy street parking appeal make it a great, family-friendly alternative to nearby Huntington Beach. While the waves at Seal Beach are less consistent than other breaks in the area, under the right conditions with a good Western swell, it can be a great beach for beginner surfers!

photo-eric-saunders-unsplash Huntington Beach is a classic beach break in Orange County, California. It catches any swell on offer and can will often have a wave even if other spots along the coast are flat. The best time to surf is in winter when bigger swells are on offer and the summer crowd are no longer surfing. This long stretch of beach produces classic hollow waves when the conditions are right.

Most of the year, the Wedge is even considered too raucous for most traditional surfers. Happily, though, any surfer (or bodysurfer) has plenty of other options along Newport Beach’s eight-plus miles of coastline. Despite its world-class credentials, you'll find a mellow, welcoming vibe. Newport is a favorite surfing spot among our professional instructors for Orange County surf lessons because of its rich history and storied surfing culture.

photo-derek-liang-unsplash Featuring over seven miles of coastline, the seaside town of Laguna Beach boasts some of the most legendary surf spots in Orange County, California. Waves are consistent throughout the year, providing plenty of surfing opportunities for surfers of all levels, while beaches like Thalia Street Beach cater exclusively to surfers.

photo-paul-larkin-unsplash Sandwiched between the urban sprawl of Orange County to the north, and the bomb-blasting expanse of Camp Pendleton in the south, San Clemente is the unpolished, yet decidedly wave-rich, jewel of the region. San Clemente forms one of the most consistent, and wave-rich zones in Southern California. Furthermore, its geography means that it is exposed to both winter northwest swells and summer time souths, and is equally receptive to both.