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Stokeshare One Watershed Youth Outing

Witnessing the joy of someone stand up for his/her first time surfing is a feeling unlike any other. Sharing the experience of pushing someone into his/her first wave and igniting a passion within him/her is monumental. This is what the Stokeshare… more »...

How to Teach Your Child to Surf

Teaching a child of any age how to surf can be extremely tricky. Surfing requires confidence, endurance, fearlessness, and an appetite to explore unfamiliar territory. As the instructor, it is up to you to be patient and to take it slow. Remember,… more »...

Kid Surf Lessons in Southern California

Wavehuggers is Proud to Offer Kid Surf Lessons for Students in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego

We love teaching kids how to surf! Our mission is to not only teach kids how to surf, but instill within them greater self confidence and a knowledge… more »...
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