Tips for How to Celebrate Earth Day at Home

In addition to teaching people how to surf, Wavehuggers strives to connect people to the ocean and the planet. Earth Day is a great day to celebrate our Mother Earth, and we normally encourage people to get outside and connect with nature in honor of this special day. Unfortunately this year, we are having to celebrate from home. Here are some tips for how to honor our planet and celebrate Earth Day while staying home.

Connect with Nature

Even though we have to stay home, we still encourage you to connect with nature however you can! Go for a walk outside, meditate in your yard or on your balcony. Find a way to feel the sunshine and the breeze, and be thankful for all the planet has to offer.

Shop Earth Friendly

Whether you are choosing to use this time to clean your whole house or do a wardrobe makeover, make the switch to earth friendly brands. When it comes to cleaning and household products, search for chemical and plastic free options. If you want to come out of this quarantine with a new style, shop online using second-hand platforms such as Poshmark, or buy from brands that are environmentally sustainable. If you are shopping for surf gear and need some wax, check out a cool brand here.

Set Earth Friendly, Post-Quarantine Goals

The positive impacts this quarantine has had on the planet has been an area of light in a dark situation. We are deciding to come out of this as better people and inhabitants of Earth. Ways to join us on this mission is getting in the habit of cooking more meals at home from scratch, and avoiding take out orders or pre-packaged food, as well as driving our cars less, spending more time outside (and going surfing!) rather than on screens indoors, and recycling more. To learn about how to recycle our wetsuit, click here.

Earth Day is about Gratitude and Sustainability

There is no doubt the world will be different as we see it by the time this is all over. But we hope you are taking the opportunity to celebrate Earth Day from your home this year by appreciating what the planet brings to us, and making goals to give back when we can.

We cannot wait for the beaches to open back up so we can all celebrate our lovely planet while playing in nature. During quarantine, we are offering 25% gift cards to give you the opportunity to save on our services when they are available again. Use discount code HEALTHYSURF at checkout.

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Stay healthy and safe!