Community Surf Classes


Babes on Boards

A ladies group class for experienced surfers

Every other Sunday from 10:00 am - 12:00pm

Santa Monica Beach

Do you know the basics of surfing but aren't ready to paddle out alone? Want to connect with a community of other female surfers and make new in the line up? Wavehuggers is excited to offer this fun, affordable, community class to Los Angeles gurfers (aka. girl surfers)!

Each class includes the use of a soft-top foam board and a wetsuit, and is led by one (or more!) of our awesome, CPR certified professional surf instructors. At the start of each lesson, we'll observe the day's conditions together, refresh some safety basics on the beach, and then help you improve your skills through in-water vocal coaching and adjustment.

This is the perfect class if you have at least a lesson or two under your belt, and want to make surfing a part of your lifestyle!  Don't worry, you don't have to be an expert yet, but please note that this class is not a replacement for an introductory private lesson, and is not intended for first time surfers.


Each Class Includes:
  • Use of a wetsuit and soft top foam board
  • Coaching by our Professional, CPR Certified Surf Instructors
  • Instruction on surf conditions so you can deepen your knowledge of the Ocean
  • An opportunity to connect with a community of female surfers!

Upcoming Dates:
  • Sunday, October 7th 10am - Noon (Bring your bestie for free to our first class!)
  • Sunday, October 21st 10am - Noon
  • Sunday, November 4th 10am - Noon
  • Sunday, November 18th 10am - Noon

Questions? Call us at 310. 910.9099