Private Surf Lessons

Private Surf Lessons in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego

One Private Lesson

First time on a surfboard? This is where you learn the fundamentals and develop all of the right habits. Familiarize yourself with all of the necessary equipment and acquire the skills required for a safe, enjoyable outing. Learn more »

On your first lesson, you can expect:
  • To learn the proper way to put on and wear a wetsuit.
  • To become familiar with the parts of the surfboard and be comfortable handling it in the water.
  • To learn proper paddling techniques.
  • To learn how to get up on the board, and to find the best technique that works for you.
  • To learn how best to avoid injury, both to yourself and others around you.
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First time? Familiarize yourself with the necessary equipment & develop the fundamentals.

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Three Private Lessons

Even if you have never surfed before, a Wavehuggers' "Intermediate" package will have you tackling more challenging waves with confidence. You'll learn proper surfing etiquette, and how to gain much more control over your board. Learn more »

After your third lesson, you can expect:
  • To become powerful paddler - get through the waves, and catch one on your own.
  • To catch waves earlier and drop down the face in a controlled manner.
  • To master the pop-up & get yourself upright sooner to enjoy longer rides all the way to the beach, wave after wave.
  • To learn proper surf etiquette – who has the right of way, when to paddle for a wave, and when to yield to another surfer.
  • To be able to control your board, including overall speed, while beginning to 'angle' and ride the face of a wave.
  • To gain optimal position for catching waves by understanding how & where a wave breaks.
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Control your board, perfect your timing, and develop your own style with an Intermediate package.

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Six Private Lessons

A Six Lesson package is for students who are serious about developing their skills. Control your board, perfect your timing, and gain comfort & confidence with crucial decisions like selecting the perfect wave. Learn more »

After your sixth lesson, you can expect:
  • To perfect your timing – when to paddle for the wave, and when to stand up.
  • To control the movement of the surfboard – angling down the face of the wave, doing turns, and keeping yourself in the best position on the wave.
  • To gain more ocean and wave knowledge – an understanding of how the tides, swells, and wind affect the surf, and how to determine which waves are the best to paddle for based on their shape.
  • To gain a sense of style, and to be critiqued on your form while paddling, getting up, and riding the wave.
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Want to comfortably tackle some gnarlier waves? For students serious about honing their skills.

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Nine Private Lessons

Our most rigorous program, the Expert package is designed for students interested in pushing their skills to the limit. If you're interested in surfing competitively, or perhaps even becoming an instructor, this is the program for you. Learn more »

After your ninth lesson, you can expect:
  • To become an expert on reading the wave and understanding the elements that factor in to how it is breaking.
  • To perfect your riding – dropping in smoothly, riding the face of the wave, and cutting back to the pocket, allowing yourself to maintain the most amount of speed.
  • To be comfortable and skillful enough to paddle through and ride bigger and faster waves.
  • To receive detailed critique and advice on how to perfect and enhance your surf experience.
  • To comfortably be able to surf in a crowd, handling your board and catching waves yourself.
  • To be prepared to surf at more advanced surf spots, and being able to handle paddling out, catching waves, and riding to the beach like an expert.
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Master more advanced techniques like cutting back to the pocket, riding the tube, and maintaining speed.

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