Summer Surf Camps

Surf Camp

Summer Surf Camps

  • $529per week

    Full Session: Week Passes (9am - 3pm)

    To be used for consecutive days, Monday - Friday. Full Session plans may be shared or split with family & friends.

  • $330per week

    1/2 Session: Week Passes (9am - 12pm or 12pm - 3pm)

    To be used for consecutive days, Monday - Friday.

  • $130per day

    Full Session: Day Passes (9am - 3pm)

    Use any day. May be shared or split between family and friends. Full day passes can be used for private surf lessons all year round.

  • $85per day

    1/2 Session: Day Passes (9am - 12pm or 12pm - 3pm)

    To be used for consecutive days, Monday - Friday.

A View Inside Surf Camp

More Attention Equals Better Results

Our instructors encourage students to have fun, let loose and be themselves. They maintain a positive family-style atmosphere to teach surfing and ocean skills in a safe environment. The experience is tailored based on the needs of each individual camper, while maintaining a group/family-style atmosphere.

What else do I need to know?

All necessary equipment, including wetsuits and surfboards are provided to all campers at no additional cost.

Shade (canopies and umbrellas) will be provided for our students to take breaks from the sun. We strictly and frequently apply sunscreen and Zinka to help keep our students extra protected.

The cost of lunch is not included. We suggest packing a lunch or sending your kids/teens with money ($12). Every day we place an order from a set-menu provided by a local restaurant.

Surf contests every Friday

Surf contests every Friday

Fantastic Prizes: Surfboards, Hats, Trophies, and more

Surf contests focus on self surf mastery. Students work on improving their individual abilities (overall) throughout the week and/or summer, not competing against one another, but with themselves.

Surf contests every Friday

Student to Staff Ratios

More Attention Equals Better Reqults

If surf conditions change, so do our student to instructor ratios. Ratios depend on safety, maturity and experience of the group.

Learning to surf is challenging and we realize how important safety is for everyone in and out of the water. We have learned the best way we can ensure a well-rounded safe and enjoyable experience for our students is to provide an exceptional student to teacher ratio.

Additional Information

All surf camps include a 15% surcharge beach permit fee charged by the city. Please reference the Aqua Surf Cancellation Policy if you need to: cancel, refund, or reschedule (please make these requests in writing; via email). All summer surf camps are tax deductible.

We encourage siblings, friends and family to attend together. We evaluate discounts upon request, on a case by case basis. If someone really wants to surf, but cannot afford to pay, they may apply for a sponsorship. Our company offers promotions regularly to customers via our email newsletter and our social media channels.

The ocean and weather can be unpredictable. We find conditions favorable the 95% of the time. In that rare case when conditions are very poor our beach captain implements back-up protocols. Usually we are able to work around challenging surf/weather conditions, but our priority is always to maintain a safe and fun experience.

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