Eco Friendly Surf Wax is Better, and CannabaX is the Best

Female surfer swimming in bathing suit under water smiling.
Surfing connects us to the ocean, and we want to inspire people to protect it by purchasing ocean friendly surf products.

Protect Where We Play by Shopping Eco

One thing we love most about surfing is the connection to the ocean, and that is why we are an ocean conscious surf school – we want to teach people how to surf, and also inspire people to protect the ocean. Maybe you have just a few surf lessons under your belt or you already are a hardcore surfer. Either way, there are a few essential items you will need to collect (like surf wax) before paddling out on your own. Wavehuggers is here to guide you to the best eco friendly surf products so you can shred some waves while protecting the fishies! We will start by looking for eco friendly surf wax.

Man in a wetsuit waxing his surfboard.
You need surf wax to help your feet stick to the board while surfing, but most surf wax is made from harmful chemicals.

Most Surf Wax is Made of Chemicals

If you want your feet to stick to your surfboard while dropping into waves, you will need one of the most basic surf products that we use for every session: a bar of some nice, sticky wax. Unfortunately, most common wax is made out of harmful chemicals that the fishies are NOT stoked on. Here are the dirty details… Most surf wax is made of paraffin wax, which is a by-product of the petroleum extraction process, a process harmful to the environment in itself. The paraffin wax is what is left over after that process is complete, and it is then bleached white and boxed up for surfers to rub on their board and potentially leave remnants in the ocean. How lame is that?

Male surfer holding surfboard in the air against the wind using eco-friendly surf wax.
CannabaX surf wax, made from hemp, is a nice sticky option that is chemical-free.

CannabaX Makes Eco Friendly Surf Wax from Hemp

Here is the good news – we are STOKED to introduce CannabaX Surf Wax, an all-natural, eco-friendly surf wax made from hemp, which the fishies do not mind one bit! Whether you are waxing up your brand new board, or stocking up for your surf trip, CannabaX has your stick covered with choices of basecoat, and bars for cold, cool, warm, and tropical water. You can forget about those other popular brands, because CannabaX is ocean and reef safe, designed to keep your feet on your board while pulling into tubes, boosting airs, and every other type of wave riding. The other thing we really LOVE about CannabaX is they take their ocean consciousness one step further by donating 1% of every sale to their nonprofit partners, Surfrider Foundation and Outdoor Outreach. Their donations support ocean conservation and awareness, as well as empowering youth through the channel of “The Outdoors.”



Male surfer riding a wave.
Surfer grips his sticky wax while riding a wave.


It gets even better! CannabaX is offering all Wavehuggers surfers a sweet discount on online orders (and guess what, they use eco-friendly packaging!!). Use discount code HANG10 for 10% off any of their products when ordering online.


Happy Surfing!