Spread Awareness of Climate Change After Paris Agreement Withdrawal

Researchers are using Smartfin to study ocean and climate change

Photo: Courtesy of Smartfin

With the current administration and recent events surrounding climate change, many individuals are outraged and feeling hopeless. As we all know, President Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris Agreement. But first, what exactly is the Paris Agreement? The Paris Agreement is a deal reached between 195 countries to reduce carbon emissions that are causing climate change. It was negotiated in 2015 and took effect in November, 2016. This agreement was non-binding and served more as voluntary national pledges to reduce emissions to prevent the world from warming by more than 2 degrees celsius (3.6 degrees fahrenheit).

The United States, along with 194 other countries, came together to achieve this goal. Now that the United States has withdrawn, what happens now? Some states, like California, have pledged to pick up the slack regardless of Trump’s decision to pull out of the agreement. Moreover, organizations are stepping up to spread awareness of climate change and what YOU can do to fight it. Our personal favorite, is Surfrider Foundation. Surfrider is a non profit organization that serves as a voice for the ocean and coasts. This organization does so much for its communities from putting on beach cleanups, to raising money to preserve the places we love. It tackles the issues raised from the impacts of climate change to our coastlines and creates invaluable positive change. Their most recent project that has us inspired? The invention of, the Smartfin.

The Smartfin is a surfboard fin with sensors that measure important ocean properties that help researchers and coastal communities understand trends in ocean health. The Smartfin allows surfers to become data collectors while catching waves further allowing scientists to collect data on the health of the ocean. Surfrider states, “using the data collected with Smartfin, we will be able to better understand trends in ocean warming and acidification and mobilize our communities to take action to combat these problems caused by climate change.” This tool has the power to connect surfers to the ocean in innovative ways and will educate surfers and the community about the effects of climate change in a hands on manner. Interested in getting your hands on one? If you’re in the San Diego area, check out the Surfrider San Diego Chapter. If not, you can start your own Smartfin program here.

The future of the environment does not have to be so grim. Regardless of the set-backs happening with the current administration, the power is still in our hands. Do your part and be conscious of your own carbon footprint. Together we can save the world.

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