3 Reasons Why All Ladies Need a Female Surf Group


Surfing is as much about catching the perfect wave as it is about the community and culture behind it. Whether you are a new or experienced surfer, it can sometimes feel intimidating to find your niche within the sport. Surfer girls, we’ve got your back. Come join our rad female surf group and soak up an encouraging and easy-going surf session with other ladies like you!

Here are 3 reasons why every lady needs a female surf group:


A female surf group walks out of the water holding their surfboards.

Skill Building

Do you know the basics but want to improve your surf technique and wave count?
It’s hard to do this on your own. However, with a group of ladies at similar skill levels to yourself and an instructor surfing with you, you’ll have all the support you need to take your surfing to the next level.

Our Women’s Community Surf Classes are geared towards ladies with previous surf experience who want to improve their skills.
As a group, we will be cheering you on, giving you tips, pointing out ways you can improve and laughing with you when you wipeout! The friendly atmosphere will put you right at ease. 🙂

A female surf group is great place to improve your skills


Ask any girl who surfs regularly and they’ll tell you that they’re almost always outnumbered in the lineup. Sometimes there might be a few other ladies paddling out, especially if it’s a popular longboard break, but they might often be the only girl out there.

With this female surf group, you’ll find some amazing new lady surf buddies to charge with! 

There is nothing like the lighthearted fun that comes while surfing with your friends. If you feel lonely in the lineup sometimes, this group is just for you!

Girls surf together in the lineup


Having a surf buddy or a group of friends looking out for you in and out of the water is always ideal. It’s so nice to have a someone around if you loose your car keys or your phone.

And while the chances of getting hurt or being in an unsafe situation is quite rare, the ocean is unpredictable. It never hurts to be prepared.

This is especially important for ladies who are newer to surfing or who are still getting comfortable in the water and on their surfboard.
The dynamic of the group will ensure that you’ll be cared for no matter what happens.

Surfer girl takes a wipeout


No need to feel intimidated paddling out into the lineup when you have an epic girl gang by your side! Join us for mornings of fun, friendships, and skill building as we enjoy the awesome sport of surfing!

Check out more info on our Women’s Community Surf Classes here. We three locations to choose from – San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles. Our next one is Nov 11th. See you there 🤙🏼