Surfing is Always Better with Friends!

Surfing is one of the best sports around as you have the option to go alone or go with friends. Though we love our surfing alone time to enjoy our quiet time and work on our own things, we all know surfing is always better with friends! Here we list some of our top 5 reasons to surf with a buddy:


Right at the top is that it is definitely safer to surf with a buddy. Though accidents rarely happen, surfing can still be a dangerous sport if you’re not careful. The ocean’s accessibility makes it easy for us to forget that it’s as wild and unpredictable a place as anything nature has to offer. Even though surfing in Southern California comes with your fair share of crowds, these are not friends that would be keeping an eye on you and have your best interest at heart. It is best to surf with someone you know and trust so that if anything were to happen you know they would be right there to help you. Safety in numbers is definitely the best call when it comes to surfing!

Learning Opportunity

4 groms head into the water - surf buddies!When surfing with a friend, you have the opportunity to learn valuable information from them. If you’re both newer to the sport, you can learn together! It’s nice to have someone there to share information with so you can both become better over time, and watching how they struggle with waves can help you improve your own skill. Sometimes there are things that you may overlook or not think to ask that your friend did and they can fill you in. If you’re lucky enough to have a friend that has more experience surfing, they may even be able to watch and give you advice on how to become a more advanced surfer!

Quality Time to Bond

Not only can you surf with your buddies, but you can also bring along your significant other! Surfing with your sweetheart creates more time for bonding and quality time together; plus it is super fun to be able to cheer them on or even share a wave together! Having one partner that surfs and one that does not can be a bummer sometimes since someone always ends up in the water while the other person stays on shore or at home, so why not go together and enjoy the waves!


Friends make navigating foreign countries and new breaks a lot safer

Being able to travel to different surf breaks around the world is another awesome reason to surf with friends! Though going on a solo surf trip is for sure on every surfers bucket list, going with friends brings major benefits. First off, splitting the cost of accommodations means you can travel more often or stay in paradise a little longer! Traveling with a buddy also makes navigating foreign countries and new breaks a lot safer. Plus, it’s more fun to experience a new culture together and share some laughs along the way. If you choose your friends wisely, they might even have suggestions on great waves you never would have found yourself, or wouldn’t have the courage to paddle out to on your own!

Plain and simple – It’s just more FUN!

Camaraderie & playfulness are hard to come by alone

Sure surfing is fun when you go by yourself, but it does not compare to going with your best buds! Surfing with friends includes a level of joy, camaraderie, and playfulness that just cannot be achieved when going by yourself and all of those make the experience much more enjoyable. Surfing is all about having fun, so make it even better by bringing a friend with you when you go!

We’re Here to Make it Easier

Have a friend who wants to surf with you? Now through February 28th, 2021 you can take $105 off private, 2 person lessons, so you can bring your friend for free! Just use the code SURFVALENTINE at checkout (or SURFVALENTINEGIFT for gift certificates) If you haven’t gone yet, we hope this encourages you to grab a friend and go catch some waves! Always remember, the best surfer is always the one having the most fun, so enjoy!