How to Purchase your First Surfboard

Types of Surfboards for a First-Time Buyer

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Have you been enjoying the sun and catching some waves this summer? Thinking about purchasing your first surfboard ever? Look no further – we have some pointers here that could help guide you in choosing your perfect surfboard.

There are so many factors that go into choosing the right first surfboard, that it’s almost as hard as picking the right person to date! But don’t worry, we’ve listed three main factors below so you can get closer to finding that perfect match.


Picking the right design alone can get you closer to your dream board. Whether you’re just a beginner or a seasoned pro, knowing what performance you’re seeking to achieve will help you choose the right shape. Take a look at Surfboard Design Guide by Surf Science to see which design is most suitable for you. This alone can make the eliminating process much easier!


In most cases, the volume is pretty easy to figure out because it is usually written on the surfboard itself. If you’re trying to figure out the volume, but can’t find the number, you can generally determine it by your weight, ability, age, and fitness level. Since this is a little bit tricky to determine, here is a surfboard volume link that will make your life easier to calculate your ideal volume. Not only will this narrow down the search further, but it can also positively affect the performance level you’re trying to achieve while riding the waves.

Surfboard Volume Recommendation Chart

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The next fact really depends on a person’s preference. Whether you prefer a poly or an epoxy board depends on what you expect out on the waves. But the main difference between the two lies in the material and the pricing. The poly board, which is made out of polyurethane foam, is considered to be more traditional because it makes up a vast majority of surfboards worldwide. It is slightly cheaper but heavier than the epoxy boards, and has a consistent and predictable feel when riding the waves. On the other hand, epoxy boards tend to be springier and livelier in comparison due to its different material. While it is slightly more expensive than your traditional poly boards, epoxy boards are considered to be lighter and stronger. Regardless of which type of board you go with, they both have great qualities so it is really up to you to decide! Flow State’s website can give you even more insight on the difference between these two.

If you can’t find the perfect surfboard right away, don’t get discouraged! We hope that these tips will help you make your first surfboard purchase a fun and memorable experience!

Happy shopping and surf’s up!

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