Teeki Yoga Pants Review

TeekiA lot of things make us happy like warm water, playful waves, eco-friendly sunscreen, clean beaches, and other brands that are actively making a difference in the world. We love living active lifestyles and even when we aren’t being active, we love going through life in our active wear, or what we like to call it, lifewear. We do almost everything in our lifewear, so we choose accordingly when deciding which brand to rep. Our favorite is Teeki.

Teeki is an environmentally conscious activewear line that describes themselves as a brand that, “dance[s] to a different beat, stretch[es] with the yogi, run[s] to the highest peaks, hike[s] in unexplored territories, and swim[s] where the ocean becomes one.” Though we love Teeki’s mantra, our favorite part about its clothing is that it is all made out of recycled water bottles right here in the United States. It takes about 400 years for a plastic water bottle to biodegrade in a landfill, so Teeki instead chooses to create something new without using more raw materials. According to Teeki, “every pound of Teeki conserves an equivalent of half a gallon of gasoline”. That’s pretty amazing considering how popular the brand is. Teeki carries yoga pants, yoga shorts, and a few different styles of tops in a variety of unique and colorful patterns. Our favorite? The Phoenix Rising Hot Pant.

The fabric of these leggings are similar to that of a swimsuit and move with the body wherever it chooses to go. They are extremely durable even after being soaked in the ocean during a surf session, and rubbed up against a rock while outdoor rock climbing. The quality of these leggings is superb and we loved them so much, we bought multiple pairs!

In a constant effort to reduce the use of plastic and do everything we can to keep our beaches and environment clean, we strive to promote and support brands that have joined the movement. Join us too and be more conscious of the things you buy, the clothing you wear, the things you use, and the trash you throw out. We are all in this together.

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