5 Reasons To Be Thankful This Year

Now that Halloween is officially over, it is time to clear out the Halloween decorations and make way for Thanksgiving, our second favorite holiday of the year. We LOVE Thanksgiving not only because we get to gorge ourselves with delicious food and be surrounded by family and friends, but also because we choose to focus on reasons to be thankful.

There are many reasons to be thankful and this November, we’re taking the opportunity to create a gratitude list. Gratitude lists aren’t just for yogis or those trendy individuals who live, breathe, and eat mindfulness; they can be for anyone looking to set aside a moment to outline reasons to be thankful. Over the years, studies have found a variety of benefits that come from expressing gratitude, such as better sleep, fewer symptoms of illness and general happiness.

If you think that a consistent gratitude journal may sound a little too committing for you, start with a short list instead. Begin with five reasons to be thankful. It’s your list, so go on, get personal. Focus on whom you are grateful for and how they have impacted your life. If you’re having a hard coming up with a list, think of the things that make your life better. Reflect on what your life would look like without these certain things, rather than just tallying up all the good things. Don’t just go through the motions either; instead, make the conscious decision to be happier and be grateful as you jot down each idea.

We choose to be grateful every day this month and to spark some inspiration. Here are five things that we can think of to be thankful for:

  • For the ocean. The ocean has so much to teach and is home to so many sea creatures. We love living by the ocean and that we get to experience it every day.
  • For clean beaches. The amount of pollution around the world is disgusting and is harming creatures both in the sea and on the land. We love participating in beach cleanups to help give back to the Earth.
  • For healthy and able bodies. Our bodies allow us to experience life in its entirety and allow us to swim, surf and play in the ocean.
  • For sustainable organizations that help keep the Earth clean. We make it our everyday goal to use products like To-Go Ware, Teeki, Nektor and all other brands that make it their goal to be eco-friendly.
  • For surfing! Surfing is what makes our hearts beat and we love nothing more than connecting with the ocean and experiencing the feeling of riding a wave. Plus, nothing is better than paddling out with friends and hanging out on a party wave!

This month, we want to share gratefulness for surfing, the ocean, clean beaches, and healthy and able bodies by extending a November promotion to help get you in the water and enjoying the outdoors! All month, take $25 off any private or group lesson booking by using coupon code THANKS4SURF. Check out our latest discounts and special offers for more information.

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