5 New Year’s Resolutions for an Active Lifestyle

With New Year’s coming around, also comes a long, thoughtful, and sometimes seemingly ambitious list of New Year’s resolutions. You begin January with a can-do attitude deciding that this will be the year that you will change your life. But, as we all know, changing your habits is hard but not totally impossible. For many, New Year’s resolutions center around health, active lifestyles, and being happier. What are your goals? Instead of making a long list of totally life-changing resolutions, how about stick to five or so that will serve as baby steps to enhance your life. We believe that a dose of nature along with being active are the keys to happiness. Here are our 5 New Year’s resolutions for an active lifestyle:
  1. Try something new. There’s nothing quite like getting out of your comfort zone. Our favorite hobby, is, of course, surfing! Make surfing your new thing in 2018 and book a lesson with us!
  2. Get outside. Nature is therapeutic and is linked to lower levels of anxiety and depression. Interacting with nature is proven to make you happier. Give rock climbing try! Interact with the rocks and the waves during our Climb and Slide experiences.
  3. Take a trip. Traveling to a new place and experiencing other cultures is what life is all about. Have you ever tried a surf and yoga retreat? Take some time for yourself and explore a new place. Check out Surf with Amigas retreats in Nicaragua and Costa Rica.
  4. Leave no trace. With all the pollution from fossil fuels that are out of our control, there are other ways to make Earth a cleaner and greener place. Pick up trash and throw it away every time you come across it at the beach, on your run, or just during day to day activities. Opt for reusable water bottles and say no to single-use plastic. Recycle when you can and leave spaces cleaner than you found them.
  5. Stretch more. Instead of scrolling through Instagram ten minutes before you get out of bed, take that time to instead stretch. Stretching reduces muscle tension, increases range of movement, and just feels so good. Check out our post on top five yoga moves to alleviate pain muscle tightness.
Make 2018 a better year than last and conquer your resolutions one day at a time. It only takes a few small goals to feel accomplished. What are your 5 New Year’s resolutions for an active lifestyle?

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