Health Benefits of Surfing

As you can imagine, surfing requires stamina and endurance. Surfing is both mentally stimulating and also incredibly beneficial for your physical health as well.  If you have been surfing for years, we are sure that you are aware of how your body and mind have become stronger. For the beginners out there, if you are ready to get in shape and challenge your body in a way that you cannot imagine, then welcome to surfing!

physical benefits of surfing

Body Benefits

Surfing strengthens many parts throughout the body. The main one being your heart. It is a great cardiovascular workout that keeps your heart pumping for long periods of time. Most of the heart workout comes from all the paddling that is done. In addition to keeping the heart active and healthy, the legs and the core of the body are also targeted heavily while surfing. The core and legs work together when keeping balance on the surfboard. Imagine the strength it requires to balance on something – your legs do most of work and the core of body helps maneuver. The same goes for surfing.  For those that already know how to surf, you know that more time is spent paddling than actually riding waves for the majority of surf sessions, which is great for building upper body strength. The arms, shoulders, chest, and back are heavily used while paddling before and after catching waves.

mental benefits of surfing

Mental Benefits

Have you ever noticed how surfers are almost always happy? It’s rare to come across an angry surfer (unless one’s path has recently been cut off by a fellow surfer). Surfing is one of the most peaceful sports, if not the only peaceful sport out there. Being in the ocean for a couple of hours is pure zen. When surfing, it is important to focus on surfing and surfing alone. It’s nearly impossible to let your mind wander while reading the waves, focusing on the ocean and maintaining a proper stance. So worrying about the traffic jam you were just in or the argument you just had probably won’t happen. It’s a good feeling to be able to spend time outdoors, using surfing as a stress reliever.

If you have been wanting to get out to the water and get surfing, now is your time. It has many health benefits, from strengthening your muscles to improving your mental health. There are not many sports out there that benefit mental health, but surfing is one of them. Don’t forget that the surfing community is welcoming and patient. So don’t be afraid to take that first step and get out there. We challenge you to get to your nearest coast line and take a surf lesson. It just might be the best thing you have ever done!

2 Responses to "Health Benefits of Surfing"

  1. You wrote that surfing is one of the most peaceful sports, and that being out in the ocean is pure zen. I’ve been looking for activities to do while I visit my brother who lives near a beach. I’ll have to find a surf school to learn how to ride the waves well.

    • Helina Beck says:

      Hey Dennis, looking for a surf school to help you ride the waves well? Look no further! We are an ocean conscious surf school that can teach/show you everything you need to know. Head to our Reservations Page to sign up for a lesson at any beach in SoCal!

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