We get it, you started January with a can-do attitude, and decided that this will be the year that you will change your life. But, as we all know, changing your habits can be pretty difficult, especially if you’re trying to live a more active lifestyle Three weeks into January, it’s understandable if you’ve lost some steam when it comes to achieving the goals you were so excited about on New Years. Instead of giving up entirely, why not use this as a moment to break down your resolution into smaller, more specific actions!


Here are our 5 favorite ideas for how to live an active lifestyle:


Try something new

There’s nothing quite like getting out of your comfort zone. Follow your curiosity and make a plan to have that experience. If you’ve always been curious about the ocean, why not learn to surf in 2019? If you book a lesson with us before January 31, you can take 20% off.

Get outside

Nature is therapeutic and is linked to lower levels of anxiety and depression. Interacting with nature is proven to make you happier. Why not make the most of winter weather and give snowboarding a try! You can make the most of ALL that California has to offer during our Surf to Snow adventure!

Take a trip

Traveling to a new place and experiencing other cultures is what life is all about. Have you ever tried a surf and yoga retreat? Take some time for yourself and explore a new place. Check out Surf with Amigas retreats in Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Get involved in environmental conservation!

Make the choice to go plastic free, pick up 3 for the sea every time you’re at the beach, or come to one of our beach cleanup events with Daana Blue where you can clean the beach, try surfing, and take a yoga class at the same time!

Stretch more

Instead of scrolling through Instagram ten minutes before you get out of bed, take that time to instead stretch. Stretching reduces muscle tension, increases range of movement, and just feels so good.

Make 2019 a better year than last and conquer your resolutions one day at a time. It only takes a few small goals to feel accomplished. Please give us a call at 310.910.9099 if we can help you make your goals a reality!