Enjoy the excitement of Downtown San Diego when you learn to surf in Mission Beach.

Mission Beach boasts awesome beaches, plenty of entertainment, and an iconic boardwalk.

This wide, smooth stretch of beach is perfect for families, group gatherings, and surfers of all types. The Boardwalk runs right along the sand for the entire length of the beach. This is a popular path with locals and tourists alike. On one side of the path is the sand and on the other are interesting townhomes, restaurants and shops.

Belmont Park is located on the northern side of the beach and is a family favorite. The amusement park has roller coasters, mini golf, a wave pool, and other exciting rides right along the sand. 


Mission beach boardwalk

Meet us at Mission Beach

The long, broad beaches of Mission Beach are ideal for beginners. The waves are usually smooth and low-key. Especially in the summer, you will find many beginners and intermediate surfers out in the water. This creates an easy-going atmosphere that is great for those just getting comfortable catching waves.


Our instructors will meet you at Mission Beach with surfboards & wetsuits. All you have to do is show up ready to catch waves!


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