Learn to surf in Santa Monica, one of Los Angeles’ most famous beaches.

Santa Monica uniquely combines the hustle-and-bustle of L.A. with the chill vibes of surf culture.

Known for plenty of entertainment options, fine-dining, great waves, and local celebrities, it has just a little bit of everything. The iconic amusement park on the Pier draws locals and tourists alike. Awesome beaches flank either side of the Pier, making it a prime surf destination. Celebrities and foodies love the SoCal flair they find in Santa Monica.


Santa Monica beach on a beautiful summer day.

Meet us at Santa Monica State Beach

Santa Monica State Beach is known for consistent beach breaks. It’s especially great for beginners because of the wide expanse of smooth, flat beach and rolling waves. Expect to see all age ranges, skill levels and board types present in the line up. Celebrities, tourists, and locals all surf here – you never know who you’ll see out in the water! 

The family-friendly atmosphere of this beach is also a big perk. Parking lots are available nearby, an awesome playground is located on the northern side of the beach and gymnastics equipment is located on the southern end. Crowds are something to consider, however, especially in the summer or when there is a big swell.


Our instructors will meet you at Santa Monica State Beach with surfboards & wetsuits. All you have to do is show up ready to hop in the water!


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Santa Monica State Beach:

2600 Barnard Way, Lot 5 S, Santa Monica, CA 90405