El Porto (North Manhattan Beach)

What You Can Expect to Find at El Porto:

El Porto is a long sandy stretch of beach so it is a great spot for surfing or hanging out to catch some rays in the summer. As a beach break, the waves crash closer to shore, so there is no need for a long paddle out at all. It is also very accessible with neighborhood and metered lot parking areas, so you can assure you won’t spend your time driving in circles trying to get a spot.  

With accessible parking, you won't waste time trying to find a spot!


What Makes El Porto Great for Beginners?

One of the most consistent breaks in the Los Angeles area, El Porto is probably our most recommended spot for beginners. It is a wave magnet and when other beaches may be flat, you can bet you will most likely find some waves here. Based on this consistency, it is a great spot for beginners that may not understand the surf reports yet or maybe don’t have access to one. Newcomers can trust that they can most likely show up any day and any time and have something to ride.  

When is the Best Time to Go?

As mentioned, El Porto is one of the more consistent breaks in the LA South Bay Area, so you can bet that any time you show up there will be something. Overall, most West swells and a medium tide work best here though.

For beginners, consistent spots take the worry out of figuring out the surf report


Who Surfs at El Porto:

Since this is near a neighborhood and not as popular as the Manhattan Beach Pier stretch to the south, El Porto ends up mainly being a local beach and surf spot.