Family Friendly Activities for Memorial Day

Finally, a three-day weekend! Many families and friends are flocking to weekend destinations to relax and spend time together. Some run to the mountains for last minute powder sessions while others flee to sunny beaches for some much needed sunshine. Southern California is a hot spot for those seeking sun, beaches, mountains, and fun. Not sure where to spend your Memorial Day Weekend, or already heading to Southern California and want ideas for activities? Here are the top five Memorial Day Weekend family friendly activities to embark on while in Southern California:

Sea Cave Exploration Family Friendly Activities

Sea Cave Exploration

Explore sea caves by kayak in La Jolla: La Jolla sea caves can only be accessed by kayak or boat, which makes this a unique experience. The seven sea caves are part of a 75 million-year-old sandstone sea cliff and boast gorgeous views while paddling along in the ocean. You can get this trip guided, or rent kayaks and go on your own!

Wine Tasting Family Friendly Activities

Wine Tasting

Temecula Valley is Southern California’s Wine Country. Temecula is home to over thirty award winning wineries nestled in a beautiful valley with rolling hills. Bringing the kids? There are horseback riding tours and other activities in the wine Country to do as well.

Hot Air Ballooning Family Friendly Activities

Hot Air Ballooning

Explore California from a bird’s eye view and enjoy a hot air balloon ride. Sky’s The Limit offers multiple tours in various locations with views that will not disappoint.

Catalina Island Scuba Diving Family Friendly Activities

Day Trips

Catalina, a beautiful island 26 miles off the coast of California offers a multitude of family friendly activities, from scuba diving to sunbathing. This quaint island can be accessed by the Catalina Express that leaves from several ports. Enjoy beautiful scenery, paroozing through island shops, checking out the beaches, and maybe trying a new hobby like parasailing.

Surfing Family Friendly Activities


Southern California is home to many popular surf breaks all along the coast, and your trip just wouldn’t be complete without it. Don’t know how? Wavehuggers Surf School teaches private and group surf lessons all throughout Southern California with a “we come to you” approach. Give it a try, it will make your Memorial Weekend unforgettable!

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