How to Celebrate International Surfing Day

This Saturday is International Surfing Day and we couldn’t be more stoked! While ISD might not be an official holiday (at least not yet...), we definitely think it’s one worth celebrating. As a new holiday (ISD was started in since 2004) it’s ok if you don’t have your traditions set in stone yet. Here are a few ways to get out there this weekend and celebrate your love of waves!

Surfer on the Beach
Go Surfing! (duh…)

Make a plan to head out to your favorite beach and catch some waves! While you’re at it, take that friend who’s always wanted to learn. If you’re a new surfer, reach out to those friends you haven’t gotten a chance to get in the water with yet, or ask a buddy to check out a new surf break with you!

Learn to Surf or Upgrade your Skills

Wavehuggers offers private individual and group lesson for surfers of all abilities at beaches in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. In honor of International Surfing Day, we're offering 30% off any lessons booked by Monday, June 18th!! Click here to sign up for your lesson today and use the code ISD2018. We can't wait to see you at the beach!

Find a Non-Profit to Make your Own

If you can’t get to the water, take a little time today to research organizations in your area who’s work benefits the ocean. There are a ton of people out there working to protect the ocean, and there is always more work to do. Find a group that speaks to you and reach out to their volunteer coordinator to find out more about how you can get involved. We're a fan of the Surfrider Foundation, Daana Blue, Coastkeeper just to name a few.

Chris Coe
Clean the Beach

If you’ve been to the beach recently, you’ve probably noticed first hand how much of a problem pollution is. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to find an organized beach cleanup! Check out Surfrider, Coastkeeper in OC or San Diego, or LA Waterkeeper or Heal the Bay in Los Angeles to find one in your area. Or you can always just pick up some litter on your way to rinse off from your surf sesh. This one is an easy way to make a real impact!

Have a Surf Inspired Movie Night

Once you’re wiped out from a sunny, salty day cozy up and get inspired to get out there again with an ocean themed movie! We loved Fish People by Patagonia which is currently on Netflix, not to mention BBC's new Blue Planet II.

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