What You Can Expect to Find in Oceanside

Oceanside Pier on a gorgeous day.Fantastic swells, flat beaches, and plenty of exciting activities for visitors make Oceanside a popular destination for tourists, surfers, and families.


Known for its surf and skate culture, Oceanside has a unique twist on the classic beachy vibe. The Pier, with Ruby’s Diner located on the end, juts off the coast of downtown Oceanside. This is an epic spot to fish, watch the surf, or enjoy the view. Consistent waves make Oceanside a favorite destination for surfers of all types, including pros. The city frequently hosts surf competitions of all levels – from up-and-coming groms to international events such as the Roxy Supergirl Surf Pro.


Some of the beaches in this area include the Harbor, North Pierview, South Pierview, Tyson Street, and Buccaneer. The Harbor and North Pierview have parking lots, however, parking by the beaches in Oceanside is usually in the neighborhood streets right by the water. Parking may be free, metered, or in pay lots.

Fantastic swells, flat beaches, and plenty of activities for visitors make Oceanside a popular destination for tourists, great surfers, and families.


What Makes Oceanside Great for Beginners?

Sunset and Low Tide in Oceanside. Arguably one of the best beaches in the area to learn to surf is Oceanside Harbor. The beach is sandy and flat, positioned between two jetties, and is known to be family-friendly. Especially in the summer, you’ll find tons of beginners out in the water. The Harbor is known for its consistent waves. It can get heavy if there’s a big swell, but on an average day the waves are ideal for beginners. The sandbar forms waves far enough from shore that surfers have a long ride – helpful for beginners working on their footing or technique. This beach often has a lot of shallow whitewater which is perfect for those who are still learning to stand or need practice paddling out through oncoming waves. The Harbor also boasts some awesome nearby shops, bathrooms, a playground, and an easily-accessible parking lot.


Tyson Street can also be a good spot for beginners on a mellow day. This is a family-friendly beach area just south of the Pier that also has bathrooms and a playground. This area is often a coveted spot for shortboarders when the swell is right. However, in between swells or in the summer, the waves are often smooth, small, and great for learning.


When is the Best Time to Go?

A perk of Oceanside Harbor is that it is not very sensitive to tides. The beach is wide enough that rideable waves often break at all times of the day. However, mid-tide is always preferable. Tyson Street is not great at high tide. Here you will experience backwash from the steep bank of sand right by The Strand so mid or low tide is better. Oceanside is especially great for beginners in the summer, however the waves are consistent all year round.

Oceanside is especially great for beginners in the summer.


Who Surfs in Oceanside:

Paddle out a couple days before or after a big competition such as the Roxy Girl Pro or the U.S. Championships and you may see pros like Carissa Moore, Caroline Marks, or Bethany Hamilton out there training! While pros come to Oceanside from all across the world, the most common people out in the water are locals or those visiting on out-of-state vacations. You’ll often find a combination of longboarders and shortboarders out in the water, with shortboarders often being the majority.


Ready to Hang Ten?!

Let’s get out there! 😎 Book a lesson in Oceanside or at any of our other awesome beach locations. One of our fantastic instructors will meet you at the beach with all the gear necessary. They’ll have you catching waves in no time! See you soon!