Southern California Surf Lessons

One Lesson is Usually All it Takes to Stand Up on a Wave for the First Time!

Save Your Spot in the Line Up
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It doesn't matter if it's your first time, if you surf every week, or if it's been years since you've been on a board, private one-on-one surf lessons are the way to go! We customize our instruction so you get the most out of our time together. Private lessons are the best place to start for kids and adults alike. Everyone is welcome! One private lesson is usually all it takes for most new surfers to stand up on a white wash wave!

(Price: ≤ $156)

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Have a friend that wants to surf too? Our group surf lessons allow you to bring your own group of surf buddies along for the ride! We personalize our instruction so no one feels left behind. Once in the water, our instructors rotate between students, helping everyone line their board up and providing vocal coaching to help you get to your feet! It's a perfect activity for a family vacation, couple's celebration, or just bonding with your best friend!

(Price: ≤ $130 per person)

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Comfortable in the water, but not quite ready to go out on your own? Join our drop in community classes ever other Sunday morning and with your local surf community! Designed for those who have already taken at least one lesson with us and can paddle out independently. Community surf classes are an easy, safe, and affordable way to gain more experience as a surfer!

(Price: $60)

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During these private one-on-one lessons, you'll be filmed from one of our team members on the beach! Afterward, pro surfer Holly Beck will analyze your waves and send you an edited video of ways you can improve, plus clips of your lesson for you to share! Video surf coaching is also available for advanced surfers who don't need a lesson!

(Price: ≤ $250)

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Make your upcoming event a beach day for the books! Surf lessons are perfect for birthday parties, reunions, school fundraisers, outdoor education programs and corporate team building days! Large group discounts available.

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Want to try surfing before you commit to a full 2 hour lesson? Join us at an upcoming beach cleanup and try surfing for free! We do regularly offer free 15 minute surf lessons at beach cleanup events throughout Southern California. They're open to all ages, and are a great way to get you're feet wet! Do some good for the ocean before hand, and get rewarded for your hard work! (Free!)

All Surf Lessons Include

  • Wetsuit

    We'll loan you a 3/2mm full length wetsuit so you'll be warm and comfortable!
  • Soft Top Surfboard

    We'll bring a foam, 8' soft top surfboard for you to use during your lesson! 7' & 9' boards are available at select locations with advanced booking.
  • CPR Certified Instructor

    Feel safe knowing our CPR & First aid certified instructors are looking out for you.
  • Beach Lesson & Stretching

    Your instructor will guide you through some stretches while you check the waves and will teach you all the basics on the sand before you get in the water.
  • In Water Coaching

    Instructors will help you line your board up for the perfect waves, and provide vocal coaching so you can perfect your popup timing.
  • Customized Instruction

    Whether you're an expert or getting in the water for the first time, our inclusive instruction is tailored to you! Surfers of all ages, sizes, and abilities are welcome!
  • Lessons – FAQ Section (2)

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What's the best beach for beginners?
    Finding perfect beginner waves has as much to do with timing as it does location. That said, there are definitely some beaches in SoCal that are better (and safer) to learn at than others. If you’re in Los Angles, El Porto, Santa Monica, and Hermosa Beach are our favorite spots. For Orange County, Newport Beach is pretty perfect. Hanging out in San Diego? You can’t go too wrong with La Jolla, Cardiff, or Encinitas.
    How far in advance should I book my lesson?
    For lessons during our peak times our calendar fills up pretty quickly! During June – September, as well as over spring break and the winter holiday season, reserving your lesson 1-2 weeks in advance is ideal for having the best selection of waves. During our off season in the winter, big waves and rainy days are common. It’s best to book 1-4 days in advance when the surf and weather reports are their most accurate. Don’t forget to check out our cancellation and re-schedule policy and give us a call if you need a recommendation of when to book.
    When's the best time of day to go?
    Swells, tide, winds and weather all factor in when it comes to selecting the best time for your lesson. Overall though, mornings tend to be your best bet. You’re more likely to see milder offshore winds, and the beaches (and parking areas) are a lot less crowded. If you’re not sure, just pick the time that works the best for your schedule and leave us a note in the comments about your flexibility. When we receive your booking, our staff will check the surf report and will reach out to you if another time would be better.
    I'm at the beach, how do I find you so I can go right now?
    If you’re in Huntington Beach, feel free to stop by our tents north of the pier near 9th and PCH. The team at our kid’s surf camp are happy to accommodate walk up requests for lessons, depending on availability (June – August, Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm). Outside of our Huntington Beach surf camp, Wavehuggers is a mobile surf school. That means we send our instructors to the beach to meet you when you’ve booked your lesson. While this allows us to offer lessons in more places, it also makes it more difficult for us to accommodate last minute requests. While booking in advance will almost certainly score you better waves, if you just can’t wait, give us a call and we’ll do our best to get you out for a lesson within a few hours. Please note, we do charge an additional $15 fee for last minute requests.
    Can I rent gear from you?
    Probably not. As a mobile surf school, our gear travels with our instructors for lessons. If you’re an experienced surfer and want to surf independently along side a friend who’s taking a lesson, feel free to give us a call. We’d be happy to bring a foamie and wetsuit for you to use for the duration of your friend’s lesson for an additional $10 per item. If you not taking a lesson, most popular surf breaks will have surf shops with rentals close by for similar rates.
    Is there a discount if I bring my own gear?
    Unfortunately no. All our lessons include the use of a wetsuit and soft top foam board. If you have your own gear, you’ll almost always get more out of your lesson if you practice on the board you’ll be using on your own.[/accordion-item]