Our Lessons

Blue surf lesson title "Private Lessons" written over an image of an young woman lying on a surfboard during a private lesson with a surf instructor besides her

First time on a surfboard? Need some special attention to take your surfing to the next level? Private lessons are the way to go! During our private lessons, we asses your surfing level and and customize our instruction so you get the most out of our time together.

If you're a new surfer, private surf lessons are a great way to learn the fundamentals and develop all of the right habits. We'll take some time on the beach to fit you with a wetsuit, teach you about your board and how to read waves, then do some stretching and practice your "pop up". Once in the water, we'll help you pick the right waves, get into position for paddling, and coach you though riding a wave. One private lesson is usually all it takes for most new surfers to stand up on a white wash wave!

  Blue surf lesson title "Group Lessons" written over an image of 8 beginner surfers standing in front of a Southern California Surf Break with soft top surfboards putting on their wetsuits

Have a friend that wants to surf too? Looking for a fun and healthy family activity? Our group lessons allow you to bring your favorite group of surf buddies along for the ride! During a group lesson, our instructors assess the surfing levels of each individual before our beach lesson, and personalize our instruction so no one feels left behind. Once in the water, our instructors rotate between students, helping everyone line their board up and providing vocal coaching to help you get to your feet!

Group classes are great for couples, families of all ages, friend, and can even be booked as a part of a large event!

Blue surf lesson title "Community Classes" written over an image of 5 beginner surfers taking off on a breaking wave during a community surf class in Southern California

Comfortable in the water, but not quite ready to go out on your own? Looking for a great way to connect with the local surf community? We provide drop in community classes in Santa Monica, Hermosa Beach, Newport Beach, and Encinitas. Designed for those who have already taken at least one lesson with us, they're an easy, safe, and affordable way to gain more experience as a surfer! As always, we provide the wetsuits, board, and CPR certified instructor, while allowing you more freedom to catch waves on your own in a supportive community of kooks! For more info on upcoming community surf classes head over to our community classes page!