Community Surf Classes

A Guided Group Class for Intermediate Surfers

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Community Classes Include

  • Use of a Wetsuit & Foamie

  • Coaching by CPR & First Aid Certified Instructors

  • Instruction on Surf Conditions

    Deepen your knowledge of the ocean and how to read waves!
  • An Opportunity to Connect with Other Surfers!

Community classes make surfing a part of your lifestyle!

"This class was soo helpful! I didn't feel ready to surf alone, even though I've taken a few lessons before. It was really nice to meet other surfers and our instructor did a great job of explaining what conditions we should be aware of before we paddled out. It made me feel safe and so much more confident.

-Nicole S., Santa Monica ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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Encinitas at D Street Beach

Santa Monica Beach Returning Soon

Huntington Beach Returning Soon