Hi There!

My name is Helina Beck, and I founded Wavehuggers Surf School out of a passion for the sport of surfing, as well as a deep desire to help protect the ocean.

I first learned to surf at the age of eight and was hooked immediately! Soon after, it became clear that this new passion would guide my lifestyle forever. My love for the ocean grew as I developed as a surfer, riding waves all over SoCal. Palos Verdes, California, where I was lucky enough to grow up, is full of pristine beaches and surf breaks. Unfortunately, I learned that the world is full of beaches that are becoming un-surfable as a result of human impacts and pollution.


At Wavehuggers, we use surf lessons as a way to educate the public about ocean conservation.

I started teaching surf lessons as a fun Summer job at the age of 16. as I was bringing people into the world of surfing for the first time, I realized that it was just as important to teach them about the urgency of protecting our ocean, as it was to teach them the right time to pop up on the wave. After a few years working as a surf instructor (and a few surf trips around the world), I started Wavehuggers in 2013 with the mission of teaching people how to enjoy and protect the waves I loved. At Wavehuggers, we use surf lessons as a way to educate the public about ocean conservation, while making environmentally responsible choices, and giving back to our community.   Our efforts include organizing beach clean ups, providing free surf lessons to underserved communities, recycling our thrashed wetsuits, and partnering with eco-friendly organizations and companies. We strive to accomplish our goals as a business while also creating an opportunity for other surfers like myself to work at the beach and share their passion. Thank you for joining our Wavehuggers community. We can’t wait to play in the waves with you! We hope that as you improve your surfing with us, you will also be inspired to live more sustainably and join us in protecting our ocean!