Surf with Julia at Huntington Beach

Orange County Ladies! We are so stoked that we get to surf with you at the upcoming Women’s Community Surf Class! Come surf with Julia, one of our awesome instructors, at Huntington Beach on Nov. 11th!

We thought we would give you an introduction to both your instructor and the beach so you can get as stoked as we are for this event!

Meet Julia!

Julia poses on a boat. Come surf with Julia!

Julia has been teaching lessons with us for a while now and she is so awesome! She is a kind, knowledgeable instructor and a ton of fun out in the water.

Here’s what she had to say about her love for surfing and her job:


“I love surfing because I think in all the craziness in life surfing gives you a moment of pure relaxation and joy. When you’re on a wave- there is nothing else in the universe. Surfing feels like you are floating, looking down upon the sparkling water, watching fishes glide through the waves, laughing with your friends, and so much more.

I have been someone who has struggled with anxiety and depression most of my life. Yet no matter what state of mind I am in, I can find relief in the water. Surfing is more than a sport – it is therapy for the mind and soul. The people who you meet through surfing have a special outlook on life and I have made many lifelong friends this way. I hope to share this with others so they can love surfing as much as I do.


Julia surfs at San Onofre.

Meet us at Huntington Beach

If you aren’t super familiar with Huntington Beach, get pumped because you’re going to love surfing here! Huntington is our favorite beach in Orange County – we teach tons of surf lessons here year round and we have our summer surf camps here too. Why do we love it so much?

Too many reasons! But here are a few:

  • a great central location for Orange County
  • very easy to access
  • miles of flat sandy shore
  • super consistent waves
  • year-round lifeguards


Huntington beach aerial view

The waves here are perfect for surfers of all skill levels! The ocean provides great rides for both advanced surfers and beginners. This is one of the main reasons that we chose this location for our Women’s Community Surf Class. You will have ample opportunities to improve your surf technique without being intimidated by the strength of the waves.

Come surf with Julia at Huntington Beach on November 11th!

An awesome crew of ladies are going to paddle out together at the Women’s Community Surf Class so you’ll be sure to have fun out in the lineup! Get ready to make new friends, improve your surf technique and catch tons of party waves!

Can’t wait to meet you there 🤙🏼

P.S. Can’t make the Nov. 11th meeting date? Join us the following month on December 9th! Sign up today.