Surf with Sabina at El Porto


L.A. ladies! We are looking forward to our upcoming Women’s Community Surf Class with you! Come surf with Sabina, one of our amazing instructors, at El Porto on Nov. 11th!

We wanted you to meet our Los Angeles instructor and location so that you can get excited as we are for this event!


Meet Sabina!

Surf with Sabina at El Porto

Sabina is amazing at what she does! We love having her on the Wavehuggers Team and we’re sure you’ll have a blast surfing with her. She is an awesome surfer so she’s a great person to learn technique from!


Here’s a little bit more about her:

Sabina is originally from the Czech Republic. When she was 25 years old, she decided to take a surf lesson in Spain, a decision that changed her life! Sabina took many surf lessons while traveling the world but realized she needed to live by the ocean to fulfill her dream of continuing to improve her surfing skills. She has dedicated her life to surfing, a passion and lifestyle that keeps her truly happy. Sabina has spent time living, surfing, and coaching in Portugal and Costa Rica and now here in Los Angeles. She loves coaching and sharing her passion for surfing! Her motto: “Just have fun!”


Sabina shreds on an amazing wave

Meet us at El Porto

We will be meeting at one of our favorite L.A. beachesEl Porto! This laid-back beach is (in our humble opinion 😉) the best spot to learn to surf or improve your surf technique in all of Los Angeles.

Located just north of Manhattan Beach, you can avoid the tourists and packed crowds that are typical closer to the pier. You’ll find more locals and families at El Porto. This family-friendly atmosphere is relaxing and laid-back. Paddling into the lineup is less intimidating here!

El Porto also has an awesome reputation for consistent waves. Even when most other areas of L.A. are flat, El Porto usually has something fun to ride. These waves are typically perfect for intermediate surfers!


El porto beach on a beautiful sunny day

El Porto is the perfect beach for our Women’s Community Surf Classes since these classes are for women who have some prior surfing experience and want to improve their skills!

Sabina will be out in the water with you to show you where to catch waves, help you navigate the lineup and give you tips on your surf technique. You’ll also have the company of many other rad ladies to enjoy out in the water!


Can’t wait to see you at El Porto on Nov 11th! (Join us next time on Dec. 9th if you can’t make our November meet-up!) Sign up today.