Surf travel bagMust-Haves in Your Surf Travel Bag

Whether you’re packing for a long beach day or heading on a road trip in search of waves, we’ve got your travel essentials covered. From bandages to bikinis, here is what you shouldn’t leave the house without when going on a surf trip!


Sunscreen is an absolute must. No one likes traveling with a sunburned, dehydrated travel partner, so don’t leave without it. Hats are highly recommended as well, plus being a little stylish doesn’t hurt either. Chap-stick, preferably with SPF, is always good to have when traveling. Also, no matter how experienced a surfer you may be, you are not exempt from reef cuts, fin jabs and rocks. Make sure to pack a first aid kit and extra bandages for those ‘oops’ moments. Oh yeah, don’t forget to pack your stunner-shades!


Water is a scarce commodity these days, especially in California. Bring your own nalgene bottle and fill up whenever you can! Not only are you saving money, but you’re also being eco-friendly by eliminating the use of plastic bottles!


Nothing is worse than coming home to tell your friends all about your insane barrel or un-crowded point break you scored without having any evidence to back it up. Always have a handy GoPro ready to shoot and a 35mm Minolta to capture those moments that only film will do justice.

Bikini & Boardies: 

This is a gimme, but remember, pick a bikini or a pair of board-shorts in your surf travel bag that you know stay on while your duck diving/getting shacked. Unless you want to give the beach a free show, pack a swimsuit that stays put!


If you’re heading out for a surf trip, please don’t leave behind the most important thing, your shred stick! But along with that remember fins, fin keys, leashes, wax, track pad, travel board bag, and the most important… ding repair kit! Nothing ruins a surf trip like a huge ding to the board, so pack the fixens!


SoCal’s epic waves make it a great destination for a surf trip, however sometimes it can be intimidating to paddle into a new lineup by yourself.

We have experts that will paddle out with you and show you the ins and outs of the break! You can choose from an single session or a package deal where you can go to a different beach each time and fully get to know the best waves in the area. Or if you’re ready for some technique advice from a pro surfer, sign up for our Video Surf Coaching! We will film you and then pro surfer Holly Beck will go through the videos with you and break down ways you can improve!