Learn to surf in Carlsbad, the locals’ playground.

Carlsbad has an active and beach-centered atmosphere with scenic biking paths, dramatic cliffs, fun tide pools and stellar waves.

Northern Carlsbad boasts a quaint and beachy downtown area with boutiques and restaurants, as well as many awesome beaches. Southern Carlsbad is known for the Carlsbad State Campgrounds located on a high bluff overlooking the water. Beaches in the southern part of town generally have more cliffs and bluffs than the northern beaches. However, these beaches are still flat and sandy by the water below. Fantastic, consistent waves flank all of Carlsbad’s coast.


Smooth sand on carlsbad beaches

Meet us at North Ponto Beach

North Ponto Beach is a popular spot because the area by the campgrounds is often uncrowded and the beach is very flat. There is lots of whitewater at this beach usually which is great for those still working on their pop up or who need practice padding into waves.


Parking is in a small lot off of Carlsbad Blvd just north of the campgrounds and is located at the address below.


Our instructors will meet you at North Ponto Beach with surfboards & wetsuits. All you have to do is show up ready to catch waves!


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North Ponto Beach: 6039-6325 Carlsbad Blvd, Carlsbad, CA 92008