Develop your surfing skills in Santa Monica, one of Southern California’s most famous beach cities.

Santa Monica uniquely combines the hustle-and-bustle of Los Angeles with the chill vibes of surf culture. Sandwiched between Venice Beach and Malibu, it’s known for a plethora of entertainment options, fine-dining, and great waves.

The iconic amusement park on the Santa Monica Pier is its claim to fame and draws locals and tourists alike. Awesome beaches flank either side of the Pier, making it a prime destination for surfing. Breathtaking views of the pacific coast abound in this unique section of Los Angeles.

Santa Monica beaches are especially great for beginners because of the wide expanse of smooth, flat beach and the rolling waves. This is why our professional instructors especially love teaching surf lessons in this area. However, advanced surfers love it here too! Expect to see all age ranges, skill levels and board types present in the line ups. Celebrities, travelers, and locals all enjoy surfing in Santa Monica – you never know who you’ll see out in the water! 


Santa Monica beach on a beautiful summer day.

Meet us at Santa Monica State Beach

Wavehuggers Surf School teaches our lessons at Santa Monica State Beach on the south side of Santa Monica Pier, close to Venice Beach.

The waves here are great for beginner lessons and the family-friendly atmosphere of this Los Angeles beach is a big perk. Parking lots are available nearby, an awesome playground is located on the northern side of the beach and gymnastics equipment is located on the southern end. Crowds are something to consider, however, especially in the summer or when there is a big swell – so get their early for parking!

Our professional surf instructors will meet you at the beach with all the equipment needed – surfboards & wetsuits!

As a surf school, Wavehuggers prides itself in the ability to tailor each surfing lesson to each person. We welcome beginner surfers, intermediate surfers and experienced surfers of all ages, even kids as young as 2 years old! Whether you choose private surf lessons or group lessons, the surf knowledge you’ll learn will propel you to catch awesome waves!

At the beginning of the lesson, you’ll learn about ocean safety, surfing skills and the basics of surfing. Then you’ll hop in the water!

Out in the ocean, our instructors will be right there to support you and give you tips as you go through the surf lesson! They will help you in real-time to develop your surfing skills. You’ll learn how to choose a wave to catch, when and how to paddle, the correct timing for popping up and how to steer your board. By the end of the lesson, you might just have enough experience to be a pro! 😉


Our expert instructors will meet you at Santa Monica State Beach with surfboards & wetsuits. All you have to do is show up ready to start surfing!


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Santa Monica State Beach:

2600 Barnard Way, Lot 5 S, Santa Monica, CA 90405


Looking for More?

Check out our surf lesson packages for more private surf lessons back-to-back or our surf camp that runs during spring break and summer!

Our summer surf camp is for kids ages 5-15 and is located in Los Angeles and San Diego. We prioritize surfing technique, however, since we are an ocean conscious surf school, our energetic and experienced staff will also teach your child fun beach games, water safety and ocean conservation methods! We help them develop lifelong skills to safely enjoy surfing for many years to come! Find additional info on surf camp here.

If you aren’t interested in private lessons, we also have Women’s Community Surfing Classes monthly at three locations – El Porto (in Manhattan Beach), Huntington Beach and San Diego!