What You Can Expect to Find at Seal Beach:

Surfer at Seal Beach

Sandwiched between Long Beach and Huntington Beach, Seal Beach has a small-town feel and laid-back vibe.

One long stretch of beach spans the coastline of most the town. This beach, known simply as Seal Beach, has a wide expanse of smooth sand and a grassy park in addition to multiple easily accessible parking lots. Locals come here to escape the crowds of Long Beach and Huntington.

What Makes Seal Beach Great for Beginners?

Family friendly and less crowded, Seal Beach is an ideal break for beginners. The smooth beach and spacious sandy shore create gentle and low-key waves.

Surfer and little girl at Seal BeachA jetty is located at the southern end of the beach. When a swell hits, this area often becomes a punchy shortboard break. A Pier is located in the middle of the beach and its north side is the most consistent spot to surf. You’ll find many novices and intermediate surfers out in the water. Beginners and those who want to ride whitewash can catch a good ride. However, this is a popular area for more experienced surfers as well.

The northern side of the beach, right along the San Gabriel river mouth, additionally has a great longboarding wave. This is another awesome spot for beginners as the waves are usually long and mellow. Watch out though – it can get a bit heavier if a big swell hits!

There is a parking lot located at the northern end by the river in addition to two lots located by the Pier.

When is the Best Time to Go?

Middle tide provides the best waves here. Smaller waves are more typical in the summer whereas the winter has more frequent swells. Additionally, an emptier beach is always a perk of going in the winter.

Middle tide provides the best waves here.

Who Surfs in Seal Beach:

Locals are the most common surfers in the lineup. Expect to see all ability levels, age ranges and board types. The vibe in the lineup is pretty welcoming on a mellow day.

Ready to Shred?!

Let’s get out there! 😎 Book a lesson at Seal Beach or at any of our other awesome beach locations. One of our fantastic instructors will meet you at the beach with all the gear necessary. They’ll have you catching waves in no time! See you soon!