As adventure lovers, we often get asked what our favorite forms of adventure are and it’s often very hard to pick! As surfers, obviously we are going to pick surfing as one of them, but what if we like shredding the powder just as much as the waves? Why do we have to pick between surfing and skiing? Answer: We don’t! We are lucky to live in Southern California where we can actually do both in one day!


While there are SO MANY reasons why surfing and snowboarding/skiing in the same day is the best adventure idea ever, here are the top three:


1. You Can Connect with Two Different Forms of Nature

When there are so many sports and hobbies to choose from, we like to pick the ones that get us away from screens, off the couch, and connect us with nature. Being one with a wave or a mountain is one of the most beautiful feelings we’ve encountered and the only thing that can make that feeling better is by experiencing one right after the other. Going from being pushed by a wave, to gliding across the snow reminds us of just how much we love being outdoors and frolicking in nature.

2. It’s Great Exercise – the Fun Kind!

It’s no secret that surfing, snowboarding, and skiing can be tiring and make you sore, but doesn’t that sound just so much better than going to the gym? What we like about these sports is you barely even have time to think about the work out because you’re having so much fun. Most people don’t even realize that their heart is pumping until they’ve paddled back out to the lineup after catching the wave of their life, or after they’ve made it to the bottom of the mountain and are sitting on the ski lift. The good news is you have plenty of time to rest between the two activities and you will be sleeping great that night! Just make sure to stretch before, during, and after.

3. It’s a Very Unique Experience

We’ve done our research, and there are very few places in the world where you can go from the sea to the slopes in one day with enough time to play in each place before the sun goes down. Luckily for Southern California, this is totally feasible! You can easily surf at any of the beaches in Los Angeles, Orange County, or San Diego and get to Bear Mountain or Snow Summit in around 3 hours!

There are plenty of other reasons why playing in the waves and the snow in the same day is an epic SoCal adventure, but we hope you’re feeling inspired by these three reasons to go do it! We’re so in love with the idea that we want to take YOU with us! Don’t know how to surf? No problem. Don’t have snow gear? No problem. Come hop on our party bus and we will take care of the rest! Find more info on our next scheduled adventure here.