Breakfasts for Surfing: Fuel Your Session with These Recipes

Surfing is a very physical sport. You can burn a ton of calories during a good surf session! Not only do you utilize many different muscle groups, but cardio and endurance are also built-in to surfing. This makes it an epic work out! That being said, it’s very important to eat a good breakfast for surfing prior to hopping in the water. You don’t want to be dealing with low blood sugar or extreme hunger while you’re trying to catch waves!

Breakfast Quesadilla is an amazing and healthy breafast prior to surf sessions.

When making breakfast, it’s always the best-case scenario to combine a protein with both a carbohydrate and a healthy fat. 

Proteins are foods such as cheese, nuts, meat and eggs. They build and repair muscles, give us energy and play an important role in cellular functions. Many of us know carbs as sugary things, however they are much more than that. Fruits, whole grains, oats, potatoes, beans and many veggies are other, more nutritious examples. Carbs turn into glucose, which is the main source of energy for our bodies.

Some examples of healthy fats are olive oil, avocados, coconut (or coconut oil), nuts (yes, they’re a protein and a fat!), and chia seeds. Healthy fats are helpful for our bodies because they take longer to digest and make us feel fuller for longer. 

Sometimes it can be hard to include healthy fat at breakfast. If so, no worries, just prioritize the carbs and the protein as those will be the most helpful for your surf session. 

Here are some awesome breakfast recipes to get you ready to shred!!Overnight Oats are a great breafast to fuel your surf session.

Avocado Toast – whole grain bread topped with avocado and a fried egg 

Breakfast Quesadilla – a fun spin on the Mexican classic

Smoothies – tons of colors and flavor combos to choose from here!

Baked Hashbrowns with Eggs are a great breafast to have before surfingOvernight Oats – an easy make-ahead option to grab as you’re walking out the door

Veggie Scramble – scrambled eggs with veggies & potatoes. Add cheese if you want a little more protein!

Yogurt Bowls – greek yogurt topped with fruit, granola and other yummy pops of flavor

Hash Browns & Eggs – try adding bacon to the recipe or making sweet potato hash browns if you want to mix it up!

We hope you are inspired by these fun recipes!

So make a nutritious breakfast for surfing for yourself and come join us in the water! Our surf lessons run all year round and we promise to give you a good workout! 🙂