Huntington Beach Surfing: What to Expect

Sunny day at Huntington Beach.Huntington Beach, also known as Surf City USA, is the center of California’s surf culture. Iconic and historical, this city paved the way for surfing as we know it today. Huntington Beach is famous for its lengthy pier, awesome year-round waves, and classic surf style. 

The beaches in this area include Huntington City Beach, Dog Beach, and State Beach in addition to Bolsa Chica and Sunset. Beaches here are extremely consistent, catching almost any swell around and releasing picture-perfect waves, especially in the winter. The Vans U.S. Open takes place in the summer by the Huntington Beach Pier. This sizable surfing event brings in up-and-coming and pro surfers as well as thousands of spectators and travelers from all over the world.

Huntington Beach is famous for its lengthy pier, pumping waves all year long, and classic surf style.

What Makes Huntington Beach Great for a Beginner Surfer?

the huntinton beach stands about a calm sea during a lavendar sunsetHuntington City Beach is located on the southern side of the Pier. This is a favorite destination for locals and tourists alike. The Huntington Beach Pier has stunning views of the landscape and surf. It even boasts a couple of little stores and public restrooms on its boardwalk. A hip and laid-back downtown area surrounds the Pier with incredible restaurants and surf-inspired shops. This area also has a huge parking lot, volleyball nets, and fire pits.  

The City Beach is ideal for the experienced surfer because it is a smooth and broad wave with challenging sections and barrels. This beach break almost always has something for the beginner surfer to ride as well. It is easily accessible and the sandy shore makes it more enjoyable for those learning to surf as the wipeouts are in shallow water and walking out to the surf isn’t dangerous. Huntington is a great place to learn to surf because the waves break far enough from shore that a beginner can have a solid ride.

Huntington Surf: When is the Best Time to Go?

There is plenty of room on the sand at the Pier despite the tide. However, mid-tide is always best. There is usually something for beginners to ride on any given day here. The waves in the summer will often be more mellow and the waves in the winter are frequently more sizable. The summer waves are ideal for beginners, however, it can get very crowded. Smaller days in the winter are more chill. Huntington Beach is located between Newport Beach and Seal Beach. Huntington Beach is about two hours north of San Diego County as well. So if you come out to Southern California to surf, there are plenty of options from Diego County all the way up to Los Angeles beaches. 

The waves in the summer will often be more mellow and the waves in the winter are frequently more sizable.

Who Surfs in Huntington Beach:

Expect to see all types of surfers out in the water in Huntington Beach both in skill levels and where they are from. Pros, locals, visitors, beginners, and everyone in between frequently paddle out in this spot known for epic and consistent surf.

Ready to Learn to Surf?!

Our Huntington Beach Surf Camps are an awesome way for your child to learn to surf! We offer Spring Break and Summer Surf Camps with full-day and half-day options. Our energetic and experienced surf instructors will also teach your child fun beach games and ocean conservation methods between waves! 

Want to get the whole family out there? Book a surf lesson at Huntington Beach or one of our other beaches. Our instructors will meet you at the beach with boards and wetsuits. They’ll have you and your kids hangin’ ten in no time! 😀