Livin’ the SoCal Dream: A Surf to Snow Adventure


Surf to snow. Start at a gorgeous beach like this and then end at the Big Bear slopes in the afternoon!Southern California has earned quite the reputation around the globe – and for good reason! When people typically think of Southern California they think of movie stars, warm weather, cute surfers, delicious food, palm trees, the epic snowboarding scene, and fantastic beaches. While we can’t promise that you’ll see movie stars, we can provide you with the Ultimate SoCal Experience in just about every other way!

Our Surf to Snow Trip is just what it sounds like – surfing and snowboarding ALL IN ONE DAY!

That’s right! All. In. One. Day.

We start in Encinitas with a surf lesson and then fuel up with breakfast burritos on the party bus to Big Bear. After that, we’ll shred the slopes for the second half of the day and enjoy an IN-N-OUT meal on the way back to Encinitas!

The trip is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Here’s why:

1. You can live the highly-coveted SoCal dream. 
  • Lovely Beaches
  • Surfing 
  • Mexican Food
  • Awesome Snow Slopes
  • Snowboarding/Skiing
  • IN-N-OUT (SoCal’s most iconic burger joint!) 
  • Community Centered Around Fun, Outdoor Hobbies
  • Outdoor Fitness (getting a workout while enjoying nature!)

Not to brag, but we don’t know of another place in the world where you can get all of these things in the same day!!

Surf to Snow is the best adventure! Snowboard for the second half of the day!2. You’ll See California from a New & Completely Unique Perspective.

Whether you’re a tourist or a local, this trip has a lot to offer you. Tourists, you get the full experience of Southern California without having to do many different tours. It also allows you to experience what you see, not just look from afar. If you’re a local, you get to fully enjoy and take advantage of all that your hometown has to offer. You’re paying big bucks to live here, might as well get your money’s worth!

Envision this:

You’re cruising down the sunny slopes of Big Bear, wearing a t-shirt and your hair (salty from the morning’s surf) is blowing in the wind. 

Sounds like the dream, right? We agree. 

Sign up for Surf to Snow here or get more info on the trip here. 🌊❄️