Stretches for Surfing

Man does a supine twist to stretch before surfing. Surfing is a sport that utilizes almost all the muscle groups in your body. Additionally, wipeouts (or at least ungraceful dismounts haha) have a reputation of quickly putting your body in funky positions that you probably couldn’t do again if you tried! With this in mind, it’s crucial that your body is flexible and pliable so that you can take whatever comes your way during your surf session. Taking off on a massive carve on the wave and accidentally tweaking your neck or pulling a muscle is a surfer’s worst nightmare. Here are some great stretches for surfing to try before you paddle out next. You can even do them at the beach!

Child’s Pose

This is an easy stretch that is great for lengthening tight shoulders and back muscles. 


The Cobra is a simple yoga pose that will increase the flexibility in your abs and spine.

Forward Lunge

You probably grew up doing this in PE class. This familiar stretch will help your hips flexors and thighs – muscles that you will put to good use as you carve on the wave! 

Man touches his toes to stretch for surfing. Toe-Touch

This is a classic stretch for a reason! You never know when a wipeout might force you to fold and touch your toes while you tumble. Better be prepared 😉

Deep Squat

While popping up and doing maneuvers on the wave, you’re going to frequently be doing squat variations on your board. This low squat stretch will improve your mobility and you’ll probably find your performance on the board to be faster and smoother. 

Crossbody Stretch

This is another super easy stretch that’s great for your shoulders and back! 

Man streches his tricep before surfingTricep Stretch 

Triceps are one of the most important muscles for paddling and pushing up to pop up on your board! Make sure to give these muscles a bit of extra love! 

Supine Spinal Twist

Nothing’s worse than accidentally putting your back out of whack! This stretch should help to prevent that by getting it used to a gentle twisting motion. 

Feeling limber and ready to go? Or are you still a little tight?

Snag a lesson with us and we’ll have you shredding out there before you know it! Or if you’re looking for more stretching, try our Surf & Soul events! We start with a yoga class on the beach and then hop in the water to catch some waves! It’s a refreshing and rejuvenating way to start your weekend!