What You Can Expect to Find at Venice Beach:

Venice is a great place for surf lessons!Surf, skate, and art cultures intermingle in Venice Beach to create a bohemian and beachy vibe of free-expression that can’t be found anywhere else. Crucial in surfing’s rise in popularity in the 60s and 70s, this beach town has firin’ waves when the right swell hits.


Sometimes called the ‘Cony Island of the Pacific’, it is famous for diverse street performers and eclectic shops. The Venice Boardwalk is lined with artists, singers, rollerbladers, bikers, and acrobats. There’s never a dull moment! The famous Muscle Beach bodybuilding gym is located here as well as the iconic Venice Skatepark. Be sure to stop by and watch the fun!


This beach town was inspired by Venice, Italy and even has charming canals running through the historic neighborhoods. This area is also known for world-famous eateries and shops.


The beaches in this area include the Venice Pier as well as the Breakwater. Both can be great spots for novice surfers. Crucial in surfing’s rise in popularity in the 60s and 70s, this beach town has firin’ waves when the right swell hits.


What Makes Venice Beach Great for Beginners?

Surfers at Venice Beach.

The beach spans both sides of the Pier with the Breakwater being just slightly further north.


The Breakwater is Venice’s most popular surf spot as it can form fast, hollow waves in the right conditions. However, in between large swells it forms smooth, mellow waves that are ideal for beginners. The long ride allows them plenty of time to practice getting their footing or learning to turn.


The south side of the Pier has multiple beach breaks. These are typically smaller and gentler than the northern side. Both sides have wide, flat sandy beaches. Many people learn here and the vibe is welcoming on small days. The beach is easily accessible as there are multiple nearby parking lots and paths to the sand.


When is the Best Time to Go?

Both of these beaches are better when Western swells hit. However, there’s typically some whitewash for beginners to ride despite the swell or season. This beach can get packed in the summer, so make sure to get there early on hot days. Waves often are larger in the winter and more mellow in the summer. A small day in the winter can be fun and uncrowded for beginners!


Who Surfs in Venice Beach?

Expect to see all types of surfers out in the water as Venice Beach is home to an eclectic mix of people. Locals are the most typical surfers, but expect to see all age ranges, skill levels and board types present. Vacationers and tourists frequently learn to surf at these beaches.


Ready to Hang Ten?

Let’s get out there! 😎 Book a lesson in Venice or at any of our other awesome beach locations. One of our fantastic instructors will meet you at the beach with all the gear necessary. They’ll have you catching waves in no time! See you soon!